The Hidden Benefits of Cold Showers

You are in the shower, and suddenly your roommate turns on the tap. You should really be thanking him instead of cursing him under the cold spray of water. A cold shower is not a bad idea, and here’s why!

1) Helps Relieve Fatigue

Taking a cold shower early in the morning is not very appealing. However, it is wise to take a deep breath and do it. Good deep breathing maintains body temperature and increases oxygen intake.

This raises your heart rate and speeds up the flow of blood, giving you more energy. The increased blood flow to the brain will help you think clearly. Now that’s a fresh start to the day!

2) Increases Your Endurance

Short-term physiological stress and the body’s adaptation to it is called hormesis. Therefore, the stimulation of a cold shower can affect hormones. Do you want to train your body to be more flexible? Then you’ll have to get out of your comfort zone and turn on a really cold tap.

The cold water shock will stimulate your immune system and promote the production of white blood cells. So, taking a cold shower will definitely increase your stamina.

3) Make Your Skin and Hair Beautiful

One of the most natural ways to keep your hair and skin healthy is to take a cold shower. Hot water can dry out the skin. On the other hand, when the skin comes in contact with cold water, the muscles and blood vessels contract. It also helps to close the pores and keep dirt out, and taking a cold shower is also said to help with cellulite.)

4) Cold Showers Have a Positive Effect on Sports Performance

Many top athletes must already believe that. Taking an ice bath after soccer or a marathon is intended to reduce fatigue and promote recovery.

For instance, hydrotherapy is effective in relieving muscle pain. First, the cold water closes the blood vessels, after which the blood begins to circulate. The waste products in the muscles are eliminated more quickly, and the athlete recovers faster.

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5) Weight Loss

Cold showers stimulate the metabolism in a special way. Our body has two types of fat tissue: white fat and brown fat. White fat is a type of fat that is stored when we eat more calories than we consume. This fat is usually stored in the hips, back, neck and thighs.

Brown fat, on the other hand, is essential to our bodies, and it is activated in freezing weather and keeps our bodies warm. Studies have shown that cold showers promote the production of brown fat, which greatly helps increase metabolism, so you burn more of it at rest.

6) Improves Lymphatic Flow

The lymphatic system is responsible for removing waste products from the body and protecting the body from disease. When the lymphatic system is stagnant or not functioning correctly, it can lead to frequent colds, infections, and joint pain.

Cold showers provide flexibility to the lymphatic vessels. This is partly because when you take a cold shower, your muscles contract. The movement of the muscles ensures the movement of lymph fluid, making sure that the waste products in the lymph vessels are pumped out.

Taking a cold shower is like standing at the edge of a swimming pool and wondering if you should jump in because the water is too cold. It’s easier to ask someone to push you “through” it secretly. Unfortunately, you can’t do this in the bathroom, so you have to do it yourself.

If you don’t want to “blast off” right away in a cold shower, you can start with your feet, legs, hands, and arms. Then you can wash your back, stomach, chest, face, and head quickly.

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