Natural Hair Straighteners: Everything You Need to Know About Them

In recent years, so-called natural, organic and healthy hair straighteners have been in high demand. But what is a natural hair straightener? Are there any all-natural hair straighteners? In this article, we explain where these terms come from and if they really live up to their name.

What is Considered As “Natural”?

To dive into this complex topic, the first thing to understand is that any type of cosmetic product can only be considered natural if 95% of its ingredients or components are truly natural. These products must contain a minimum of 10% of ingredients from organic farming and must also contain a maximum of 5% of ingredients created in a laboratory.

There are specialists responsible for certifying this type of natural products, granting its label to companies that meet these requirements. For many entities, it is very important that the companies that produce cosmetics are environmentally friendly throughout the manufacturing and packaging process. This ensures that none of these goods are grown inappropriately, with pesticides or genetically modified.

To be considered natural, the product must also be free of essences, synthetic dyes, silicones, preservatives and petroleum derivatives. It must have undergone a simple transformation process, with minimal intervention of additives or chemicals and must not be tested on animals.

Only those processes that are in no way harmful to the environment or to the health of the people who use them are certified as natural products.

Are These Straighteners Healthy?

Most hair straighteners that claim to be natural or that are disguised as “healthy” are in fact progressive straighteners with organic acid components that are not as strong as the traditional ones, but with similar effects.

No truly natural product has the ability to change the shape and structure of the hair (for example, from curly to straight). In order for this to happen, the chemicals must act on the strand, which ideally must be healthy to receive the process and achieve optimal results.

There are progressive straightening products on the market with gentler, nature-friendly chemical ingredients that contain natural ingredients, oils, fruit acids and amino acids, but that alone does not qualify them as healthy or natural; they are simply gentler than traditional products.

A straightener may be vegan, largely organic, not contain highly toxic ingredients, but if it were 100% natural, it would not have the ability to alter the structure of the hair.

Just because a progressive straightener does not contain formaldehyde or does not produce smoke, it does not guarantee that it is a healthy product and that it was manufactured according to current standards. Do not fall into the trap of false advertising. There is no such thing as a 100% natural straightener. It is always an acidic chemical product, but with a different formulation. So if you are assured that a relaxer, shampoo or treatment is 100% natural and organic, don’t swallow it whole and ask for the natural certificate.

If you are looking for gentler options for your hair and want to be able to modify the structure of the hair, some products may meet what you are looking for if they are:

anti-frizz, volume reducing, vegan, organic acid product with no formaldehyde and no parabens. Provides a natural effect, reduces volume and relaxes waves. The result is hair that is controlled, shiny, moisturized, soft and up to 60% smoother. Some of these products can also be available in online.

products without formaldehyde and with natural ingredients such as avocado oil and a mixture of natural acids that leaves the hair light, soft, shiny, healthy and up to 80% smoother.

Here you go! You now know everything you should know about these so-called natural hair straighteners. And it will be up to you if you want to use those ones or the regular ones. But on a personal level, which ones do you tend to lean towards? Share everything with us in the comments below.

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