Dry Brushing: A Secret Weapon for Glowing Skin

Have you ever heard of dry brushing? It is one of the best beauty secrets out there and surely if you start including it in your daily routine, you will quickly notice the benefits of dry brushing.

What Is Dry Brushing?

It is a technique of Chinese origin that consists of brushing dry skin, which helps to eliminate toxins, fight cellulite and stimulate blood circulation among other benefits, so do not miss all the secrets of this technique!

Why Start Dry Brushing?

Dry brushing has many benefits, and within a few days of using it, you will start to notice it on your skin!

The first changes you’ll notice are that the skin is smoother due to the exfoliation and hydration that follows. Once you’ve been dry brushing for a while, your skin will feel firmer and brighter because the blood flow will be activated.

Want to know all the benefits of this method? This is exactly what we are going to uncover in today’s article. So read on…

Helps Eliminate Cellulite

There are many factors to consider in preventing and eliminating cellulite, and dry brushing the body is a great help. By acting as a lymphatic drainage, in addition to helping to eliminate liquids, it also promotes the elimination of toxins.

It stimulates blood circulation and exfoliates the skin, making it more receptive to the subsequent treatments we apply. If, after the “dry brushing”, we apply an anti-cellulite cream, the effect will be much more important.

We can also combine dry brushing with homemade body scrubs, such as coffee, which also help to maintain smooth and cellulite-free skin.

Smoother Skin

Thanks to the exfoliation done with dry brushing, the skin will be smoother and free of dead cells. This allows, for example, to obtain a more uniform tan.

It is important that the exfoliation is done with the natural bristles of the brush, without exerting strong pressure because this can damage the skin. Start with a very gentle, yet firm pressure and gradually increase to a medium pressure if your skin allows it.

Improves Flaccidity and Stretch Marks

Flaccidity and stretch marks are both related to a lack of moisture and elasticity in the skin, so one of the benefits of dry brushing is to improve these aspects. By stimulating blood circulation and peeling, the regeneration of skin cells is facilitated, so that our body will be firmer and more elastic.

After dry brushing, we can apply rosehip oil in the areas that we think are prone to stretch marks or in which we have recent stretch marks to improve their appearance.

Used for Lymphatic Drainage

Used for Lymphatic Drainage

As it is a type of repetitive massage directed to the lymphatic vessels, it helps the circulatory system to mobilize and eliminate fluids. This helps reduce swelling in certain areas of the body such as the legs (especially the ankles and feet) or the abdomen.

Stimulates Blood Circulation

By stimulating blood circulation, the appearance of the skin also improves, and we can enjoy a firmer, brighter and smoother appearance of the skin. Summer, due to the high temperatures, is the time when we can suffer the most from circulation problems in the skin and swelling due to water retention.

To further enhance the benefits of dry body brushing, we can take a cold water shower afterwards. If you can’t stand the cold shower all the time, you can use the water temperature you can stand best and end up with cold water. Start by applying jets of cold water to your ankles and work your way up to your abdomen in repetitive motions.

How to Brush Your Skin?

The ideal way is to do it daily in the morning before showering, and to start with upward movements from the ankles towards the heart, thus stimulating lymphatic drainage.

The movements are repeated several times, making sure to touch the areas most prone to cellulite or fat accumulation. The “dry brushing” massage should last between 5 and 15 minutes, starting with 5 and gradually increasing the time if we see that our skin accepts it well.

The movements that we must make to realize the dry brushing of the body are different according to the zone of the body:

– Legs: upward movements from the ankles with short vertical movements. If you want to make it more complete, you can finish with circular movements.

– Arms: as for the legs, short movements are made from the wrists to the shoulders.

– Buttocks and hips: with circular movements, the circulation is activated and we can better massage these areas.

– Abdomen: with circular movements and in a clockwise direction.

– Chest and décolleté: as these are very sensitive areas, it is best to avoid dry brushing in these areas.

You now know all the benefits of dry brushing and may start doing it. What other things you do to keep your skin glowing? Share your tips with us in the comments below.

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