Menstrual Underwear: How Does It Work?

Menstrual panties are on the rise. They can be worn all day and night and promise to feel dry without staining your clothes. These panties fit well with the “free bleeding” trend, where menstrual blood is not collected in a tampon or cup. Here’s everything you need to know about it!

What Is Menstrual Underwear?

Menstrual underwear is women’s underwear that collects menstrual blood so you can wear it during your monthly cycle. You can use menstrual underwear repeatedly over a long period. Menstrual underwear is available in panties, low-seat panties, thongs, sexy panties, or boxer briefs.

When Can You Use Menstrual Underwear?

You can wear menstrual underwear before, during, and after your period. You can also wear menstrual panties if you suffer from leakage or light leakage of urine. For example, these may include mild incontinence, such as losing tiny droplets when you exercise, cough, laugh or sneeze.

Menstrual panties are also suitable for young girls who have just started their periods. Finally, you can use menstrual panties even after giving birth. However, it all depends on the extent to which you are losing fluid, secretions, urine, or blood. The manufacturing material also plays a role.

How Washable Menstrual Underwear Works?

But how exactly do menstrual panties work? First of all, you have “normal” underwear. There’s nothing special about them, and, like other panties, they come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. With menstrual panties, there is a unique cross. This cross collects menstrual blood, and it consists of several layers.

The first layer is usually made of a soft material such as cotton, bamboo, or fleece. The purpose of this layer is to allow moisture to pass through but also to dry quickly so as not to create wet or swollen areas. If they do not dry properly, they are NOT good menstrual panties because bacteria could breed there, and you might develop infections. No one shouldn’t have to deal with that!

The middle layer consists of one or more layers of fabric. The purpose of this part is to collect moisture. The more layers, the more blood or urine the panties will absorb. The bottom layer of the crotch consists of a material with a water-repellent effect. This way, blood is stored in the middle layers and does not get lost through the pants. This layer is usually made of PU(L) material. If this layer is only made up of cotton, cloth, or fleece, it will not work.

Guide to Period Panties: How Period Underwear Works & How to Clean

Advantages of Menstrual Panties:

-Good for the environment
-You don’t need anything extra; they are underwear anyway. You don’t have to think about tampons or pads.
-Available in a variety of styles
-Machine washable (30° or 40°, see label for correct washing instructions).


-When purchasing (online), check carefully to make sure if the size is correct. The panties must fit correctly. If necessary, check your measurements as clothing sizes cannot always be relied upon.
-Buy from several bands and see which one suits you best
-Wash menstrual panties before use.
-After use, remember to rinse the panties in cold water before disposing of them in the laundry basket.
-Check the label to see what washing program your panties need. In addition, the same rules apply as for other underwear: Don’t overdo it with detergent.
-Never throw your menstrual panties in the dryer, they decompose faster that way.

Have you ever worn menstrual underwear? If not, follow the above tips and buy them now. Don’t forget to leave your reviews about your new menstrual panties in the comments below!

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