The Secrets to Looking Younger

Look Younger

Years are passing by at lightning speed, and everyone wants to age like fine wine. While celebrities are getting Botox, people who do not have the means to pay for regular cosmetic and plastic surgery feel that they are giving up their youth every day. However, there are different options that will allow you to be fresh-looking in your 40s, aside from resorting to fancy, high-priced surgeons. This article will go through every tip that will help you to look two to three years younger.

Facial Massage

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Facial Massage

This is the best tool for lifting and sculpting your cheekbones. Facial massages should be a part of your routine; just as you cannot go a day without your morning coffee, you should not skip this step as well. How does it work? Massages typically produce blood flow, which will generate a glowy look. For a really noticeable change, you will need to make this practice a habit. Focus on your cheek area and your jawline.

Collagen Cream

Our skin naturally produces collagen, but our skin produces less collagen once we reach our mid-to-late-twenties. Collagen is the protein that gives your skin its elasticity and stops it from drooping. Though collagen creams are considered pricey, a good one is effective for reversing wrinkles and will leave your skin younger after fifteen days of constant use.

Do Not Neglect Your Neck And Ears

This applies to everyone; your neck and ears are as important as your face. Whenever you apply your skincare products, you need to apply them to these areas too. Let me explain why; these areas get wrinkles too; they get affected as any other area of your skin. So if you don’t want a saggy neck to clash with your newly youthful face, make sure to extend your skin care treatment to your neck as well.

Vitamin C

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Stay consistent in your skincare.

Vitamin C is good for everyone, and I suggest people that are new to skincare introduce this product into their routine for the next 20 years. Why? Vitamin C prevents wrinkles, boosts collagen production in your skin, decreases or erases hyperpigmentation, gives you a glowy look, – the list of advantages is extensive. I recommend using Vitamin C day and night, but if you might need to check if it won’t be contraindicated with some of your other treatments.

Lip Tint

Do you know that the way you apply your make-up may give you a younger or older appearance? If you want to have a fresh and younger look, you should go for nuder make-up. Switch the bold red look to natural tones; the same goes for your eye-shadow. Another tipis to choose creamy formulas over matte lipstick… they will give you a softer look.


Unlike what most people tend to believe, sunscreen and SPF is not only for days on the beach or when you’re going out in the sun. I apply sunscreen every day, even if I am at home. It will protect you from sun rays and, more importantly, UV rays that are responsible for premature ageing. Did you know that sunscreen protects you from skin cancer? Hopefully, you’ll now think twice about skipping the sunscreen. On top of that, a high SPF can also reverse signs of aging.


No matter how old you are, you should take care of your teeth. They help you to chew, and believe me; they are the first thing people see when you talk and smile. Consuming a lot of wine, coffee, or even tea may stain your teeth, making you look older. There are whitening products that you may use to treat the stains, or you may want to visit the dentist if the stains are particularly stubborn.

Introduce these tips in your everyday routine for good results. Let us know in the comments if you have been using any of the above tips…

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