The Shelf Life of Cosmetic Products

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Do you pay attention to the expiration date when you buy food? Correct! And for cosmetics, do you do this? No? That is a big mistake. It also has a period after which you endanger not only your beauty but your health as well!

From time to time, you need to do a little review of your cosmetics and get rid of the outdated ones without compromising. Do you know how long you should use your mascara or lipstick? With the motto, “Nothing lasts forever,” it’s time to do a little rethinking of your cosmetic bags!

Why Is It Important to Consider the Expiration Date?

Whether it is a body lotion or an everyday eyeshadow, you need to check the expiration date every time you buy it. For some products, this will be indicated by an open-lid symbol with a capital “M” and a number or directly on the package. Either way, this can only mean one thing: the number of months you can safely use the product from the moment you open it for the first time.

Unfortunately, missing expiration date is an issue that occurs frequently. In this case, you should reconsider such a purchase. This will also help you avoid visiting a skin clinic or dermatologist due to skin problems such as skin irritation, conjunctivitis, acne, rashes, redness, general inflammation that may arise when a product no longer functions as it should.

When to Say Goodbye?

Do you immediately run to the bathroom, examine the packaging of the cosmetics you are using, and worst of all, notice that the “freshness” information has become hard to read due to prolonged processing? What do you do? How do you know if it is really “healthy”?

Remember, any change is one of the leading indicators of something wrong—Color, texture, scent. Sure, the smell may disappear over time, and it may not be as intense, but if the product even smells like it, it’s time to rethink your cosmetics. It’s not just because of the unpleasant smell.

The same applies if the contents of the tube or any other container are in two different layers and do not merge. Are there any black spots appearing on the surface? This is a symptom of various fungi! Please get rid of it and be more careful next time!

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Shelf Life of Cosmetic Products

Three Years of Shelf life

Lipsticks can last that long, can’t they? However, it must be non-moisturizing as moisturizing contain oils and fats that can go rancid. For the moisturizing ones, the shelf life is usually limited to one year.

Shelf life of 2 years

Powder eye shadows, lip glosses, and blushes. Brushes should be washed periodically for application (soapy water is sufficient).

Shelf life of 1 year

Lip balm, eye pencils, cosmetics (the smaller the hole, the fewer bacteria will visit).

Shelf life 1/2 year

Skin creams, BB creams, mascara, etc. Mascara, in particular, needs to be replaced quickly since it requires you to dip the brush in varnish, let it air dry, and then frantically work it over and over to make it as effortless as possible but also more prone to dirt.

Cosmetics Are Personal!

If you already know that cosmetics are also subject to the passage of time, let’s talk about the cosmetic borrowing. Please don’t do it. Good intentions to help someone are great, but this way, you can easily “fill” yourself with viruses and germs. For example, a cream squeezed out of a tube is not that dangerous, but what about something like mascara with lipstick? Keep that to yourself.

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So, how do you deal with the expiration dates of cosmetics? Have you ever had any health problems caused by cosmetics in the past? Let us know in the comments below!

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