Coconut Oil: A Powerful Ally for Healthy and Shiny Hair

When looking for beauty tips with friends and bloggers, one of the most mentioned products is coconut oil. It even seems miraculous, so much is said about it: it’s good for the body, for the skin and, our favorite – for the hair! But What are the benefits of adopting this element in your hair routine?

Before applying any product to the strands, we need to study very carefully the impact it is capable of causing, as well as its benefits and applications. Our hair is our most precious possession and deserves all the care in the world. In today’s post, we brought the benefits of coconut oil in strands and some tips for its use.

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Coconut Oil: A Natural Conditioner

Coconut oil is simply good! It is an oil of vegetable origin, composed of about 90% fatty acids extracted from the pulp or the kernel of the coconut. Do you know how it differs from other products we consume?

Coconut oil is metabolized by the liver and transformed into energy, while the others are transformed into transfats, which are bad for our health and which we should avoid!

Its benefits are so numerous that they don’t stop there: it also contains proteins, vitamin K and E, fatty acids, good fats and iron.

Benefits for Hair

While it’s a good health weapon, here’s why it’s good for our hair:

Based on the properties of this product, it is already possible to conclude why it is so good for everything you can imagine. But how does it work on the hair?

Below are the main benefits that coconut oil can bring to your hair. You’ll understand where this miraculous reputation for hair health comes from:

1. It is highly nutritious: Coconut oil, like many other vegetable oils, has a high nutritional value, as you have seen above. It is therefore ideal to include in the hair care routine, in order to replace the nutrients lost during a chemical process.

2. Seals the hair cuticles: when we use bleach or even shampoo or other chemical cleaning products, the hair cuticles remain open. As a result, they are fragile, lifeless and frizzy, which no one likes.

Coconut oil works effectively to seal these strands and restore shine and strength.

3. Retain moisture in the strand: if the hair is dry, it will be difficult for it to stay hydrated. The ideal, in this case, is to first replace the lost water before doing a deep hydration. Coconut oil is perfect for this!

4. Adds shine: it keeps the strand aligned and alive.

5. Heals the scalp: the product has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Therefore, it reduces problems such as excess sebum, dandruff, among others;

6. The long dream: by applying the oil on the scalp and making circular movements, you stimulate blood circulation and, therefore, hair growth.

7. Protect the threads: it acts as a protective film against damage caused by chlorine, pollution, sun, heat, etc.. For this reason, it is essential in summer, especially if you go to the beach or pool.

8. Keeps the color of the strands longer: who has dyed hair needs more care. As the oil strengthens and protects the strands, it will make the color last longer.

How to Use It

The most common way to use coconut oil is to moisten. Apply it to dry hair and leave it on for at least 4 hours. This is a long time due to its density, which makes absorption slow, so the trick is to apply it to hair before bed, put a plastic cap on and leave it on while you sleep.

Use it once a week or according to your hair schedule.

What oil do you usually use for your hair? Share your tips with us in the comments below.

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