7 Factors to Consider When Buying Your Sunglasses

If you are looking for a new pair of sunglasses, you may be finding it quite hard. There are so many to choose from that it can be challenging to get an overview. Here are some details on what options are mostly available and what factors to consider when choosing yours!

1) UV Protection

Perhaps the most crucial function of sunglasses is to protect you from UV rays. This type of light is harmful to your eyes, and sunglasses will block it completely. Not all sunglasses have this feature, and some significantly cheaper models may have inadequate UV filters. Fit is also essential; radiation will reach your eyes if the glasses do not fit properly on your head.

2) Type of Glass

There are generally two types of Glass: plastic and mineral glass. Glass provides the most precise image in the end. It can also be specially treated, so the chances of scratches and cracks are very low. Plastic is a good choice when weight is essential and is therefore often used for sports glasses. Some are also coated with anti-fog, anti-fingerprint and anti-dirt coatings, making them highly resistant.

3) Polarized

Most of the better sunglasses have polarized lenses. This blocks light from specific directions and reduces glare and reflections from surfaces. Consequently, this reduces eye fatigue and produces a calmer image.

Most models come with standard polarized lenses, but there are also plenty of glasses with non-polarized lenses. However, there are times when polarized lenses can be a disadvantage. Maybe your car is equipped with a digital dashboard. Or perhaps you like to take pictures with your digital camera? If this is the case, you will not read the information displayed on the screen correctly.

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4) Models

Of course, sunglasses come in many forms, and for many people, they are a product of expressing themselves. Taste is indisputable, so choose the glasses that you like. For example, choose glasses that match the shape of your head. Round glasses often fit square faces and vice versa. Take into account the colour of your hair as well, as not all combinations work equally well.

Also, pay attention to the fit. If blocking out the sun is very important to you, curved glasses to fit your face are the way to go. The size of the glasses also makes a big difference. It isn’t easy to judge whether a pair of glasses fits you or not just by looking at them from a distance, but all sizes are listed on the product. Of course, you are also welcome to visit any store where all models are just lined up on the shelves.

5) Durability

When buying a good pair of sunglasses, you also need to consider whether you need prescription lenses or not. Are you already using prescription glasses? If so, then it is advisable to get custom-made sunglasses. In most cases, the optometrist can provide sunglasses with the exact specifications as regular glasses. Single vision, multifocal, anti-reflective, polarized or not? Everything is possible.

6) Color of The Glass

The colour of the Glass is a critical factor in the visual experience because it determines which colours allow light to pass through and which block it. Therefore, choosing a particular colour depends primarily on the environment and situation in which you want to use the glasses. For instance, some shops offer sunglasses with an amber colour driver that increases the contrast in different situations and is ideal for roads.

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7) Material

Various materials are used for the frames of sunglasses, each with different properties. There are frames made of nylon, which is very light, durable and can withstand harsh environments. This material is very suitable for sports glasses, for example. There is also acetate, a type of high-grade plastic, which is very luxurious.

Metal frames are also still widely used. This is generally a bit heavier than plastic but has its advantages. Metal parts are also usually easier to repair, and metal is a sustainable raw material. Metal is strong, which makes it possible to create designs with thin lines that stand out. It also gives a look that cannot be achieved with other building materials.

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