4 Tips to Slay the Perfect Natural Eyebrows Look

natural eyebrows
natural eyebrows

Have you ever heard of messy eyebrows or fuzzy eyebrows? These are other names given to natural eyebrows: one of the current fashion and makeup trends for women.

If you’ve never liked thin eyebrows, those with very well defined arches or drawn brows, you can feel in heaven now! These days, natural is increasingly valued – which has reinforced, for example, the return of curly hair – and with that, simpler eyebrows have won their place as well!

The messy look may cause some awkwardness at first and make some people cringe, however, the natural eyebrow is becoming more and more prominent on the catwalks and on the celebrities’ Instagram. With this, it is normal that they become famous and win the attention of many women.

Are you one of the women who aspire to get into this fashion? Then keep reading this post where we teach you some tips on how to maintain and slay this look. Enjoy!

Tips for Maintaining this Natural Look

Is ditching the tweezers the right way to achieve this look? What care should be taken to keep the eyebrow natural without looking sloppy? What makeup should I use? Find out below with our 4 tips:

Tip 1: Let the Little Hairs Grow!

This first tip obviously couldn’t be easier: the basic step to natural eyebrows is to let your hairs grow out. In general, your starting point will be a well-trimmed and well aligned eyebrow. For this reason, it is necessary to leave the tweezers stored for some time so that the eyebrow grows naturally and returns to its original shape.

We know that it is difficult to let go of the tweezers completely! If large amounts of thread are bothering you, the trick is this: only remove the excess! Be careful not to take too much. If you over-draw the eyebrows, you lose the voluminous and “messy” effect we want here.

Tip 2: Messy Doesn’t Mean Neglected!

Even if you’re aiming for a more casual, carefree, messy look, messy eyebrows don’t mean neglected.

Just know that on a day-to-day basis, they will need care, just like well-shaped brows. Even an imperfect style needs some care!

Study and understand the shape of your eyebrows, look for references and try different ways of caring for and blending the look. You may need to comb the strands, line them up in a specific shape, and even intervene with a little scissoring somewhere.

Tip 3: Go for a Thicker Design

The messy look is combined with thicker eyebrows. Therefore, when designing your eyebrows, the trick is to bet on a thicker design, which leaves strong lines in your eyes.

This design is also complemented by the “outer” strands of the eyebrow design. To get messy eyebrows, you need to leave a few extra millimeters of hair in all directions. They should mainly be concentrated on the top – this way, the messy style is done!

Tip 4: Elements That Make Up the Look

It’s not enough to have full brows if the rest of the makeup doesn’t help create the most natural look possible.

That’s why natural brows go – often – hand in hand with that natural make-up look. It is that much more delicate and almost imperceptible makeup, it highlights the attributes and natural beauty of the face without much color or pigment.

However, this does not mean that this style does not go with the most elaborate and festive makeup: it is not that! Dark and smoky eyeshadows help to compose a more elegant and fashionable look.

By following these 4 tips, it’s possible to dive headfirst into this super hot natural look and rock it in style! So, ready to stick to natural eyebrows? Give it a try and then come tell us how it went here in the comments below, we’d love to read from you!

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