Tips to Help You Relax Better During Weekends

Most people look forward to the weekend, and it is often so packed with chores that we hardly start the new working week feeling rested. However, relaxing is essential to perform at your best at work.

That’s easier said than done. People who work a lot tend to do all the chores that are put off during the weekend. Shopping, housework and the obligatory social calendar can then ruin the relaxation time. So here are some tips to make the most of your free time for the weekend!

1) Set a Limit on Household Chores

None of these postponed household chores fall under the category of “leisure”. Although you probably haven’t found any other time to get them done, avoid letting them rule your weekend. Pre-plan your tasks, anticipate a specific time, and set priorities for them.

2) Don’t Sleep In

It feels contradictory: you would love to relax, but you can’t sleep in. Sleeping in is integral to the weekend, and it doesn’t hurt to stay in bed an extra half hour, but sleeping in harms your sleep-wake cycle. You might feel sleepier at the beginning of the week than before the weekend, because your rhythm has to be readjusted. Instead, try to get up at the same time as usual. That way, you’re fresh and early, and you can enjoy the weekend (and work week) more.

3) Sports

A run or a bike ride in the morning, or maybe you prefer going to the gym, all of them are great ways to start the day with energy. 10 minutes of exercise is enough to de-stress you.

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4) Reflect

At times it can be helpful to break out of your hectic pace for a while and take a step back. It will allow you to gain perspective and time. Question yourself about your career development, your future, your options and most importantly, yourself. Do you feel good? What would you like to achieve? If you take a moment to reflect on these things regularly, you can retain perspective and minimise the risk of burnout.

5) Me Time

If you wake up earlier, you can dedicate the morning to yourself. The second half of the week can be devoted to family visits, social events or other activities. So, ensure you have some time for yourself straight after you get up. Indulge in your morning routine, a steaming cup of coffee or tea and relax.

6) Discover a Passion

Perhaps you already have a passion, or maybe you’re still in search of it. Not everyone is lucky enough to transform their passion into their (dream) career. So ensure that you can still pursue your favourite activity, talent or interest in your spare time. Spend your weekend doing things you enjoy and can immerse yourself in. You’ll come out relaxed and fully recharged.

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7) Set Aside Time For Family

During your hectic work schedule, you may not have enough time left for your family or relatives, and once work is over, you’re often far too tired to consciously hang out with them. That’ s unfortunate, but it’ s true that most people with busy working lives hardly get to see their family or seem to live next door to their family.

8) Weekly Planning

Set a time to organise your week, too. A timetable helps keep your work more structured and consequently less stressful. You may also be able to make time for some chores. Scheduling will help your productivity because you won’t have to think about what you need to do and when anymore, you simply need to get it done.

9) Being Deliberately Out of Reach

Sometimes people pick an offline day during the week. We suggest you spend most of the weekend offline and switch off your business phone. Being reachable during the weekend will keep you feeling unconsciously stressed. An urgent question needs to arrive via email, an order you would prefer to initiate immediately, problems that trigger panic mode, but everything can wait until Monday. You can’t really go offline for a whole weekend? Then plan your online hours so you’re still in control. Allocate a time to check your messages or make phone calls so they don’t consume your entire day.

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Let us know if these few tips have helped you in the comments below!

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