Let’s Talk about Stretch Marks

Have you suddenly gained excess weight lately and noticed that strange white marks have started to appear on your skin? These are called stretch marks. The sight of these marks is not at all pleasant, but it has become a very common topic of discussion, especially on social networks. In this article, we will talk more about the issue and see what we can do about it. Because even if we can’t get rid of these marks completely, there are some tips that can make them less visible! So read on to learn more!

The Appearance of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are very frequent during puberty. When there is a growth spurt and a hormonal boom responsible for the development of breasts and the accumulation of fat on the hips, buttocks, legs, etc, that’s when stretch marks start showing.

But what is the reason for their appearance? You may ask. The answer is simple: while skin can be stretched, there is a limit to how far it can expand. Fat cells, for example, swell at a rate that the skin cannot keep up with, and it breaks. Stretch marks are the visible proof of this.

Post Pregnancy Complications - Stretch Mark Removal and Vaginal Rejuvenation

In addition to teenagers, pregnant women are very prone to stretch marks during pregnancy too and also people who exercise a lot and gain considerable muscle mass in a short time. In the latter cases, the principle is the same: the skin stretches except that it is not the fat that causes this expansion but rather the muscles.

Do Stretch Marks Have to Be Treated?

There are no multiple answers to this question; the truth is a resounding “No”, stretch marks are not a health condition! Yet, many people still consider them an aesthetic problem and continue to struggle to find a way to get rid of them.

However, we must admit that there has been a recent wave of acceptance of all body types, and those with stretch marks are no exception! For example, even the famous super model Chrissy Teigen, a member of the Victoria Secret Angels team (a world-renowned lingerie brand) has shown her stretch marks on the Internet.

Tips on Reducing Stretch Marks at Home

  • Natural Preventions

Stretch marks are more visible with sun exposure because the uv rays weaken the skin fibers, but they become less visible when you moisturize properly. Therefore, avoiding the sun and moisturizing your skin are two good measures to reduce stretch marks. So, before and after flare-ups, applying hydrating lotions is the key to beautiful skin – with or without stretch marks.

  • Coffee Grounds and Almond Oil
Do ground coffee scrubs work for cellulite? - The Cellulite Experts |  LipoTherapeia, London

Coffee grounds are the coffee powder that has been used before. Caffeine has stimulating properties for the circulation. So save the grounds for the day and use them in the shower with the almond oil to exfoliate. No need to apply pressure. You will notice a reddening of the skin, which is normal. Immediately after bathing, the skin will look different. Use it every week for a well-hydrated skin. 

While the tips mentioned above can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, as we said at the beginning, stretch marks will not disappear completely naturally. We understand that while some people don’t care, getting rid of stretch marks can be part of many others’ dreams.

But let’s be honest; stretch marks are like scars, there’s no magical formula to make them disappear. But you can make the appearance of stretch marks smoother and the skin much more beautiful in general with some treatments.

On a closing note, you can use homemade tips to reduce the appearance of stretch marks but remember not to overstress yourself about them! You are absolutely gorgeous with or without them!

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