Indians Tricks for Naturally Thick, Long, and Shiny Hair (Part 2)

Impossibly glossy, long, lustrous, and unmistakably healthy-looking hair. Haven’t we tried all the chemical-heavy shampoos, conditioners, and heating tools to obtain this kind of hair? 

Well, if you want to learn the “real” secrets behind the absolutely stunning and wonderfully thick, long hair of Indian women, check out this article!

1. Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

Do you wash your hair every day? If so, I recommend switching to washing every two or three times a week. This is exactly what most Indian women do and honestly, this is the easiest secret that everyone can follow. 

When you wash your hair every two or three days, there is sufficient time for your scalp to re-grease. It will generate natural oils that can help to protect your hair against the environmental impacts of too much sun, smog, dirt, and dust.

And, please do yourself a favor, even if your hair feels a bit too oily sometimes, avoid washing it every day. If you take up this new habit, your hair will automatically get used to your new washing schedule and trust me, the result will be worth it. 

2. Let Your Hair Air Dry

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Usually, how do you dry your hair? Especially if you are in a hurry to go to work? Or, you are late for a wedding? Use a hairdryer, isn’t it?

Well, do I really have to tell you that hear can damage your hair? For instance, hairdryers can cause roughness, dryness and loss of hair color. Research showed that as the temperature increases, hair surfaces tend to become more damaged. 

I know to avoid using a hairdryer does not seem like a realistic option for many women (even me), but, if you want your scalp to be “happy”, that’s the only solution. You can let your scalp and hair air dry or you can also wrap a towel around your head. 

3. Use the Right Brush

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Brushing your hair is just a routine task. You don’t have to think twice about it and nothing can go wrong while brushing your hair, right? Well, wrong! Completely wrong!

When it comes to makeup, satisfactory results always depend on choosing the right brush. Similarly, if you want that long, lustrous hair, it is essential to avoid using brushes or combs with metal, rubber, or plastic prongs. Instead, it would be best if you went for wooden products. 

Here are some benefits of using a wooden hairbrush:

  • Compared to an artificial hairbrush, a wooden one can distribute the natural oils produced by the scalp evenly and more efficiently. 
  • Wooden hairbrushes can get rid of the current static in your hair.
  • The bristles found in a wooden hairbrush can massage your scalp and as a result, improves your blood circulation. 
  • And, lastly, as they are manufactured with bamboo, a wooden hairbrush is considered as a sustainable and eco-friendly product. 

4. Use Protective Styles

Game-Changing Crochet Hairstyles - The Habitat

What are protective styles? 

Simple: It’s about the hairstyle that helps to keep the ends of your hair tucked away. Generally, hairstyles such as tight ponytails or buns are not recommended for your hair as they can lead to breakage. 

What you can do is to tie your hair in a casual way, like in a braid or a loose bun (with a band, of course). 

Now, I know that special events like a wedding or birthday party would require some sort of special styling, but even then, I would advise you to use more natural materials rather than metal, plastic, or rubber products. 

5. Avoid Burning Hot Showers

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One amazing beauty secret that maybe you have never hear from our Indian friends: hot water is not a friend, but foe and should be avoided at all costs (especially if you want the glossy, hydrated strands like Indian women). 

According to Shiva Tavakoli, co-founder of the Persian-inspired haircare brand Joon, “if you are rinsing with hot water, you are just redrying out your hair.”

I won’t lie to you, there are many more juicy secrets behind the gorgeous strands of Indian women. And, if you want to discover all of them, I invite you to check out the part 3 of this series. 

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