SOS: Makeup Tips and Tricks to Help You Look Less Tired

Do you find yourself unable to sleep on the eve of a trip or an important meeting? For many people, this is a constant struggle: the more crucial the following day is, the less they can rest peacefully. Because dark circles under the eyes and dull skin are hard to combine with job interviews, exams, and meetings with big bosses, we’ve found and perfected a few beauty tricks to help you look rested, even if 8 hours of sleep is a distant thing!

1) Splash! Cold Water and Toner to Close Your Pores

Washing your face early in the morning with cold water may seem like unnecessary torture, but trust us when we tell you that it’s the best way to combat dull-looking skin in the short term! The cold water actually stimulates the micro-circulation of the blood and has a tightening effect on the pores, making you look fresher and more awake.

Staying on the subject of pores, don’t skip the toner step for any reason: thanks to its pH, which is more acidic than the skin’s pH, it helps improve the texture and thus the appearance of the skin.

2) Open Your Eyes (Even If You Just Want To Close Them And Go To Sleep)

Apply and reapply and reapply eye cream. We’re not kidding: allow for at least three applications spread out over time before moving on to the concealer step. This will allow you to even out and smooth the area, disguising the expression lines that fatigue has certainly accentuated. If you are under 20 years old, you can avoid this step. Lucky you!

To revive the look, it is essential to work on the lashes as well. First, we must overcome the subtle fear that takes hold of us every time we look at eyelash curlers and warm them up slightly (slightly, we said!) with a blow dryer before using them. This will help you to better lock the curls, of course make sure it’s not too hot before applying to avoid burning yourself. Then, apply the first coat of mascara and when you think it’s good, you may allow yourself another coat but make sure to choose a product that can both lengthen and volumize.

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3) The Colour of Health

The fresh look is not complete without a touch of blush, light and bright but not shimmery. We have worked hard to close the pores; we do not want to highlight them again, do we? Choose a peach color if you have a warm undertone or a pink if your skin is pale: you will immediately get a pleasant and healthy effect.

4) Highlighter is Our Friend

Using a fan brush or your fingers, apply ”highlighter to the cheekbones and under the arch of the brow bone. It’s an essential tool to add brightness to the face and enhance features.

If you don’t like highlighters, you can use a satin powder all over your face: the result will be exquisite and natural.

5) Focus on the Lips

Wear your most beautiful lipstick! One of the few parts of the face that are not affected by lack of sleep are the lips: draw attention to them and conquer everyone with a beautiful smile! Opt for a long-lasting lipstick that does not dry out the lips and is very easy to apply.

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6) A Quick Brow Makeover

Nothing can do more wonders for your face than groomed brows, and you don’t even have to spend long minutes drawing them on; get a color gel that’s designed for eyebrows. Some gels even have fine artificial “hairs” that stick to yours and make your brows look thicker. Use short strokes to brush your brows upwards and highlight quickly. If your brows are thick and dark, a colorless gel is all you need to keep the hairs in place all day.

Do you already know these tricks? What other tricks do you use to look fresh and rested even when you’re not? Let us know in the comments right away!

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