Rice Water: A Powerful Secret to Good Health

Perhaps you have often heard about the benefits of rice water for beauty, like for cleansing the face and hair. But did you know that rice water can also be drink instantly to bring health benefits to your body? In fact, rice is a versatile food rich in nutrients.

White, red or brown rice water has been known as one very effective treatment from Asia since centuries ago. When someone is sick, the person is usually asked to drink rice water. Rice water itself is rich in various fibres, vitamins and minerals like vitamins A, C and B1. If you want to learn more, keep reading!

Prepare Rice Water That is Safe for Consumption

Usually, the rice cooked to get the most beneficial water is white or red rice. To prepare rice water, wash your rice first until it is clean. Then boil or cook a cup of rice into about three to four cups of ready-to-drink water (the ideal ratio of rice to water is 1:3). Let stand for 45 minutes until the rice softens. If the rice is half-cooked, drain the water.

3 Ways to Cook White Rice - wikiHow

You can add a little salt or sugar to the solution to taste. However, we recommend that you immediately drink the rice water without adding anything. You can also soak rice in ready-to-drink water for 30 minutes to an hour. But experts believe that cooking rice first can maximize nutrients that settle in water.

Various Benefits of Drinking Rice Water

In ancient times, people in Japan and China routinely drank rice water every morning. Drinking rice water every day is believed to increase vitality and health in general. Rice water is also often used as an alternative treatment when people get sick, especially related to digestive problems.

Here are the various benefits of drinking rice, which everyone should know.

1. Source of energy

If you are not energized, weak from not feeling well, drinking rice water can help boost your energy. Feeling weak or not energetic is usually caused by the carbohydrates in your body being burnt out. Rice water is rich in carbohydrates which can be a source of energy. Drinking rice water in the morning will make you feel healthier and more energetic throughout the day. In addition, rice water is also safe and natural, not containing additional harmful chemicals like those found in energy drinks.

2. Prevent Constipation

Avoid complications by treating chronic constipation early - Harvard Health

Constipation occurs due to stool hardening, so it is difficult to defecate. This can cause abdominal pain or frequent exhaustion. To soften the constipated digestive tract, you need lots of fibre and fluids. Drinking rice water may be the answer. Because it’s rich in fibre, rice water, especially from brown rice, can help soften stools and ease your digestive system. Besides, various good bacteria produced by rice starch are also effective in nourishing your gut. So for those who frequently experience constipation, you should start drinking water regularly every morning to prevent digestive upset.

3. Prevent Dehydration

People who are sick need a lot of fluids to prevent dehydration, for example, when someone suffers from typhoid, dengue fever or flu. For that, you can drink rice water as a mixture of water when you are sick. Rice water contains more minerals and iron that the body needs to replace lost fluids.

4. Overcoming Diarrhea

Rice water is a traditional medicine for diarrheal diseases that has long been known, especially in India. A study showed that rice water can replace lost electrolytes and reduce diarrhea symptoms. In the study, diarrhea sufferers who drank rice water could reduce common bowel movements by up to 50% and minimize vomiting by up to 60%.

This is because rice water contains starch that is very easily digested by the body, even by infants. The starch reaction in the body to relieve symptoms of diarrhea is also faster because the body already knows the structure. The body will not consider rice water to be a foreign drug or substance.

Have you experience any benefits from drinking rice water? Share these perks with us in the comments below.

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