What Are the Beauty Secrets of Japanese Women? (Part 2)

We are not only mesmerized by the quirky culture and delicious food of Japan, but also by the flawless and ageless skin of Japanese women. We have managed to get our hands on some amazing Japanese beauty secrets, which we would like to share with you.

#1. Drink Matcha Tea

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Just like how coffee and soda are prevalent in America, similarly, matcha is an integral part of almost every Japanese resident’s daily routine.

Matcha is a finely ground powder that is obtained from green tea leaves and is also considered a significant centerpiece for the Japanese culture. As per Megumi Setoguchi, an esthetician, “matcha is responsible for giving Japanese women such glowy skin.”

Indeed, this comforting drink can do wonders on your skin.

  • With its anti-inflammatory properties, it can help to curb the redness associated with acne and rosacea.
  • Since matcha is filled with antioxidants and chlorophyll, it can help protect your skin against UV radiation’s negative effects.
  • As claimed by Dr. Rachel Nazarian, “Matcha, a concentrated form of green tea, has a high density of free-radical fighting capacity because of its concentration and preparation.”

From acne cream to anti-aging serum, matcha is an all-in-one solution that should be included in your beauty routine – if you want glowing skin, that is.

#2. A Soak Can Do Wonders for Your Skin

Epsom Salt Bath: What is Epsom Salt, and What are the Benefits of an Epsom  Salt Bath?

Did you know that Japanese can spend two hours in the tub? Why do you think they like baths so much? The answer is simple: Japanese have discovered the benefits of long soaks.

Bathing in hot water forms part of the ancient Japanese custom which also explains the significant number of bathhouses in the country. However, to obtain a smooth and glowing skin like Japanese women, you don’t need to go to an onsen. All you need is a hot bathtub.

Now let me reveal to you why Japanese women spend hours in the tub with waterproof tablets and magazines:

  • A hot bath can make you sweat which will get rid of toxins and other harmful substances in your body.
  • It can also help in blood circulation which is in return good for your metabolism and ultimately the skin.
  • Did you know that a hot bath can open the pores and help the skin to absorb more water?

#3. Oil Up

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Haven’t we often heard that those with oily skin should avoid using face oils and cleansing oils? But this isn’t the case with Japanese women who are not afraid at all to use oil.

For instance, camellia oil, also known as Tsubaki oil, is very popular and has been used for centuries in Japan. It is considered as an ancient Japanese beauty trick to fight against skin aging. One rumor has it that geishas used this very oil to cleanse their skin and remove their makeup. Even the Tale of Genji, one of oldest classics of Japanese literature, mentions how Japanese court women used camellia oil to dress their hair.

#4. Bathing In Rice Water

🥇 Rice Water - DIY Recipe and Use Instructions🥇

In the previous article, we discussed about the benefits of rice bran. Today let me tell you how geishas were able to obtain a soft skin by bathing in the water left over from rinsing uncooked rice bran. Filled with antioxidants and natural emollients, the rice bran can be used to nourish your skin and can also prevent wrinkles.

#5. Sun Protection

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Japanese women tend to protect their skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays with three strategies:

  • Avoid exposure to the sun by wearing chic sun-protective clothing. ( If you ever went to Japan, you would notice how many women tend to wear stylish UV-rated gloves, scarves, leggings and even hats to cover their face and neck.)
  • Strengthen the skin by having lots of green tea and foods rich in vitamin C. Why? Because green tea contains polyphenols that can protect the skin against UV damage and also, vitamin C can help to treat any damage caused by exposure to UV rays.
  • Use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 for adequate protection.

If you apply these beauty tricks, I am sure your skin will never be the same again. Please share your comments and tell us what you think about these beauty tips.

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