Let’s Talk About Hot Waxing

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Hot waxing is undoubtedly one of the most widely used methods of hair removal because it is the most traditional and the result is practically perfect. It is usually done in a beauty salon, although there are also brands that sell warm wax appliances to use at home. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about it.

What Is Hot Wax?

The hot wax is melted resin which imprisons the hair, whether short, thin, long or abundant and uproots. The hot wax is presented in small resin balls that must be melted. It is applied to the skin with the help of a wooden spatula or with a roll-on that pours a dose of wax. Once dry, it is pulled off with a strong pull. Hot wax is the most effective, because the heat opens the pores of the skin and the hair comes out more easily.

Despite the fact that since the advent of laser hair removal it has no longer enjoyed the same popularity, waxing is still a highly demanded option by people who cannot expose their skin to laser, such as men and women with tattoos on legs and thighs.

Step-by-Step Hot Waxing at Home

Whether on the legs, groin or armpits, for waxing to be more effective, it is highly recommended to follow certain steps. When you are used to it, you will do it directly and you will master the technique perfectly, but it does not hurt to remember them if you have never waxed at home.

Waxing with hot wax : How it works, our advices – Waxyful

Before Waxing:

1. One or two days before waxing, exfoliate your skin : with this you will get the hair to start from the follicle and prevent the formation of ingrown hairs and pimples. Of course, it is important that you do not do it the same day as the waxing, since the skin could be very sensitive and damaged by the wax.

2. Apply a non-greasy, water-based moisturizer a few hours before waxing: this way the hair will come out more easily. Prevents fat creams because they may hinder waxing.

3. Do not sunbathe two days before waxing : the sun makes the skin much more sensitive and irritated, so the hot wax can damage it.

4. Find an old towel or cloth that you no longer use to place it in the place where you are going to wax. This will prevent possible wax stains that may occur during waxing.

During Waxing:

1. Heat the wax in an old saucepan or in a specific wax appliance equipped with a thermostat that keeps it at a suitable temperature.

2. Check the temperature of the wax on the back of the hand before applying it to the rest of the skin.

3. To wax your legs, apply the wax with a strip-shaped spatula (about 5 cm long and 1 cm thick). Start at the knee and work your way down to the ankle in a single gesture.

4. Squeeze lightly with the putty knife and wait for the wax to not stick before tearing the band off with a dry pull.

5. Let the skin cool down before applying wax to go over the area and obtain a perfect result.

6. Repeat the same procedure for the rest of the leg.

While these steps might seem easy, it is recommended that you get the help of professionals to do your waxing. Check out Beauty on Ryrie, located in Ringwood, Australia. Their therapists specialise in hot waxing. Using exclusive, all natural organic bees wax, their treatments are ideal for sensitive skin and stubborn hair growth. Enjoy smooth hair free skin for weeks at time. The more commonly used strip wax treatments are also available there.

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