Benefits of Relaxing Massages That Will Surprise You

The benefits of soothing massage go above and beyond bringing the body and mind in a deep state of well-being. While promoting relaxation as the main objective, this technique stimulates a series of positive effects on the body, ranging from improving blood circulation to reducing premenstrual syndrome’s typical discomfort. Did you know? A relaxing massage can do a lot for you, your body and your health.

Besides the obvious reason we often resort to this type of treatment – the release of tension -, the benefits of relaxing massage are much deeper. In this article, we cover the many benefits of body massages.

These are some of the many advantages of massages:

They Help Reduce Back and Head Pain

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The relaxing massage stimulates blood circulation, helps to decontract the muscles, and unloads the tension that accumulates in them. This benefit relieves pain located in the back and head due to tension and combating body stiffness.

Reduce Our Stress Levels

Among the benefits of the relaxing massage, its power to offer a state of deep tranquility stands out, thanks to the fact that it decreases the cortisol hormone levels in the organism. Let’s remember that this hormone is secreted in large quantities when the human body is subjected to a significant load of stress. Therefore, there is nothing better than a relaxing massage to stop fatigue and anguish.

Reduces Blood Pressure and Improves Circulation

Massage activates the circulatory system, which allows the entire human body to receive more oxygen. By activating circulation, blood pressure is reduced and swelling of the extremities caused by vascular problems such as varicose veins is improved. As if that were not enough, it should be remembered that the composition of the blood nourishes the skin, therefore, this means that the more blood flows through the body, the healthier your skin will become. A more healthy and hydrated skin tissue is achieved with a calming massage.

Combat Anxiety and Depression

Research has proven that after a relaxing massage, patients feel rejuvenated from the inside and the outside. This therapy promotes the release of the hormone serotonin, a compound which keeps people’s moods in balance. Therefore, when you receive a relaxing massage, you will not only leave happy, but you will almost instantly combat the symptoms of anxiety.

They Favor the Elimination of Toxins

Our body has various filter systems like the liver, kidneys and lymph nodes to flush out the toxins built up in the body. The circulatory cycle is in charge of helping these filters to transport the toxins so they can be eliminated. The activation of the circulation by hand massage helps to better detoxify our body, which is why an increasing number of people are turning to beauty salons for lymphatic drainage.

They Reduce Muscle Tension and Promote Flexibility

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Stress, worries, sedentary lifestyle and sitting for long hours a day lead to muscle pain and strains. Relaxing massage is the best solution to alleviate these symptoms, prevent contractures and get to move without discomfort or complications. It has even been shown that this type of therapy effectively reduces ailments caused by conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Reduce Premenstrual Syndrome Symptoms

The inflammation caused by the beginning of a new menstrual cycle improves considerably after a relaxing massage thanks to blood circulation activation. In addition, the increase of serotonin will help a lot to those women who have mood swings during these days of the month. Giving yourself a massage to be happy and free of pain is more than necessary.

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