What Are the Beauty Secrets of Japanese Women?

I’ve always wondered, if there is really no beauty gene, then how come Japanese women are always known for their beautiful skin? I mean, how do they manage to look 10 or even 20 years younger than their real age? 

Read on to learn some of Japanese women’s best-kept  beauty secrets!

#1. Use Adzuki Beans as an Exfoliator

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The Adzuki bean is a type of reddish-brown colored bean that is grown throughout East Asia and the Himalayas and which is often used in Chinese, Korean and Japanese cuisine. And what’s more remarkable about these beans is that they have been used in Japanese skincare regimes for centuries, stretching all the way back to the Nara Period!

If you want to get rid of acne or blackheads and reduce fine lines, then the adzuki beans are an amazing natural remedy. These beans are high in antioxidants and consist of a naturally occurring foaming agent called saponin that can help cleanse pores and brighten skin by absorbing excess oils, removing dirt and dead skin cells, unclogging pores and promoting circulation. 

Inspired by an ancient traditional homemade Japanese recipe, I made an adzuki bean face scrub that is perfect for those with very sensitive skin or prone to acne. So, all you need to do is using a coffee grinder, grind at least ½ cup of dried adzuki beans into a semi-fine powder. Then, transfer the mixture to a jar and store it in the fridge for a few hours. Afterwards, take one teaspoon of the powder and add a few drops of water to it. This will form a rather thick paste which you should apply over a wet face in a circular motion. Let it sit for three minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. You can use this scrub twice a week and you will start to see a huge difference.

#2. Nourish Your Skin With Rice Bran

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Komenuka – Japanese word for rice bran

Have you ever heard about the Komenuka products? If not, allow me to tell you that it is a very popular Japanese skin, body and hair care brand which is based on rice bran. 

Rice bran is one of the main by-products that is obtained during rice milling. Centuries ago, Japanese women discovered the magical properties of this ingredient, which we now know is due to its high Vitamin B and Vitamin E content. Rice bran can help to treat hyperpigmentation, acne and aging. Also full of antioxidants, it can help to protect the skin from environmental damage and reduce wrinkles, fine lines and skin dullness. 

Rice bran in not only used in Japan, but also throughout the Asia as it can purify the skin, smooth complexion and fade dark spots. Besides, it is great for skin struggling with redness and dry patches. Did you know that rice bran can also help in the treatment of skin disorders such as chronic itch? 

Overall, rice bran can be considered as a perfect skin moisturizer and this is the reason why rice bran powder is often used in scrub, facial and body treatments in Japan. 

So, if you want a nice and soft skin, let me share one of the secret Japanese beauty rice bran recipes with you.

Start by boiling three large tablespoons of rice in a small pot for a few minutes or until the water becomes slightly cloudy. Then, strain the rice but make sure to keep the water as this will be part of the facial treatment. Next you add one tablespoon of milk to the rice and mix well. Afterwards, add one tablespoon of honey to the mixture. By then, the mixture should be sticky enough to stay on your face when applying it. 

Now, remember to apply the rice mask on clean, dry skin and then leave it to dry. To remove, use the rice water that you kept aside. This will not only help to moisturize your skin, but also to improve circulation. Besides, the rice water can also help brighten any dark spots or sun damage.

Will you use these beauty tips? Please share your comments!

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