Basics of a Korean Beauty Routine

For a few years now, the Korean routine has gone viral in the world of skincare and beauty routines. But, why is it? Why has this Korean routine become so popular? We know that the skin of our eastern neighbors is enviable, it even seems that time does not pass for them. This is due to a very early skincare education.

Just as they educate us on healthy eating and vision, why don’t we educate ourselves on our own skin’s health? At the end of the day, it is our home, where we will live our whole lives, and we are sure that we would all like to wear it our best.

Well, after much study, learning, and prying about our neighbors, we have made it clear that their beauty routine consists of a series of steps, some essential and others less, but that must be followed regularly so that our skin can be glowing.

From cleaning to foundation, we will explain the concepts to you as we discover each step throughout this post.

The most striking thing is that almost all the products are Cruelty-Free. We say almost because there will always be an exception. They are not tested on animals since in South Korea, it is forbidden by law for beauty and makeup products to be tested. Let’s have a look at the basics of this religious beauty routine of Koreans.

Double Cleaning/Triple Cleaning

It is the first step of any beauty routine and, from our point of view, it is the most important. It consists of performing the first cleaning to remove makeup and dirt from the face with an oil-based cleansing or makeup remover oil. After this first cleaning, we continue with the second cleaning, using a water-based cleanser. The triple cleaning comprises a third product dedicated only to cleaning the eye and lip areas. Cleaning or removing makeup from the eye and lip area will make cleaning the face much more effective and faster.

To close the cycle of facial cleansing, we will add a tonic to our skin, gently massaging it with a cotton pad soaked in the tonic that best suits our skin type.


This step does not have to be carried out daily because it could damage our skin. The exfoliation should be done between 1 and twice a month, depending on the type of skin, to remove residues of dead cells or to give way to a new layer of younger and renewed skin. Exfoliation is one of the “magic” steps that will make your skin look very luminous and smooth.


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Did you think they were synonymous? No, they are not. They differ in density and formulation. The serum is denser than the essence and is formulated to treat a specific aspect of the skin, such as blemishes. However, the essence is a little less thick and is composed of different active ingredients that help nourish your skin and regulate the PH.

Moisturizing Masks

Maks should not be used daily either. Depending on your skin type, you can use it 2-3 times a week. The most famous are the Mask Sheet or single-use paper masks. They are shaped like the face so that you can fully adjust and hydrate your skin thanks to the active ingredients it is impregnated with.

You will also find the Sleeping Masks that are made up of ingredients that work while you rest. They are normally active ingredients that need to work for several hours in a row so that your skin looks more radiant, juicy, and hydrated the next morning.

Sun protection (bb-cream/cc-cream)

Sun protection is a MUST for both winter and summer and is the most important step in all beauty routines. Any makeup and cosmetic professional will tell you that it is the star product for skin and elasticity. Today there are products that include sun protection while providing other benefits.

Do you know the differences between BB Cream and CC Cream? BB Cream is a wonderful product, one of which we say are magical, because it helps to cover imperfections, illuminate, protect the skin from the sun and give a touch of color. Some of the newer ones also include anti-blemish and anti-aging properties. We can also find BB Cream in the Cushion format on the market, which leaves an improved and more professional finish.

On the other hand, the CC Cream has the same function as the previous one but increasing the color/makeup base part, so a much more covering result is obtained.

Facial Mist

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It is the perfect ally to maintain complete hydration throughout the day. It is used by spraying the face with the product (with or without makeup) to provide it with hydration. Thanks to its pocket size, it is perfect to use anywhere. It is not necessary to massage the face after application.

Once you started following these basic steps, let us know in the comments below what are the changes you’ve noticed on your skin.

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