Top Beauty Secrets To Steal From Bollywood Divas – Part 4

Throughout the years, many actresses of the Indian cinema have not only made a mark with their remarkable acting skills but have also made us drool with their unmatchable looks and natural beauty. So, today let’s discover the secrets of some epitomes of beauty!  

Madhuri Dixit Nene

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What’s the first thing you think of when you hear about Madhuri? Me, its: “Mohini Mohini Mohini Mohini!”

The Dhak Dhak girl is a legendary Indian actress who is known for her outstanding acting and her dancing skills. It is nearly impossible to separate the art and passion of dance from her. One look at her iconic dance performances and you will instantly yearn to dance exactly like her. 

However, Devdas’ Chandramukhi has more than her unique dancing skills and her 1000-watt smile. The actress is also recognized for her ageless and charming beauty. So let’s learn some of the skincare tips and tricks of the gorgeous actress:

  • Skin care: 

     Madhuri’s mantra for an amazing skin is a natural face mask made by combining besan, honey and lemon juice. Why does she use these specific ingredients? Besan can act as a natural exfoliating agent which is also perfect for forming the base of a scrub, the antioxidants in lemon juice can help to reduce skin damage and premature ageing while honey is considered as one of the best natural skin remedies. 

The actress also recommends cucumber dipped in milk for those who have dull skin. 

Other skincare routines include using good moisturizers, alcohol-free toners and vitamin C serums to fight against dark spots and pigmentations. 

  • Haircare:

 What does this Indian actress do to maintain healthy hair? She uses olive and castor oil and massages it on her scalp before every wash. Moreover, she also prepares her own homemade conditioners with mayonnaise and fruits such as bananas. 

  • A healthy diet:

 I am not among those who believe that you are what you eat. But Madhuri is a firm believer in that concept. As a result, she always tries to include colourful veggies and green leafy vegetables in her diet. In an interview, she revealed that she consumes five meals per day and tries to eat her dinner before 7.30 pm as, according to experts, it helps in better digestion. 

 ”One of the leading causes behind pimples and breakouts is sugar”, claimed the actress. Hence, she tries to avoid sugary foods. 

  • Regular Workout:

 We have always heard that regular gym workouts can help to make our skin glow. But Madhuri says that gym is not everything. 

 It is not a secret that the Indian actress is a brilliant dancer but one of her secrets to stay fit and look beautiful is practicing Kathak on a regular basis. 


ICON_Rekha — Riposte

You might wonder why this 66-year-old actress is featured on this list. Well, just three words: “Old is gold!” 

Let me tell you that even though Rekhaji is known as the Queen of Bollywood, she has gone through a lot of struggles, misfortunes and challenges. Success did not come easily and she had to fight against an intensely misogynistic and patriarchal film industry. However, with her hard work and some of her best works such as Umrao Jaan, Silsila, Kama Sutra: A tale of love and many more, have made her become the Greta Garbo of the Indian screen. 

The Madame X of Bollywood might be in her sixties but does she look her age? No! Rekhaji is known as an ageless beauty of Bollywood. But let’s not forget that she is also known because of her miraculous transition from an unattractive duckling to a gorgeous white swan. So, if you want to know the secrets behind that eternal beauty, follow these tips below:

  • Skincare: One secret element behind that age-defying beauty of Rekhaji is besan. Besan might be a kitchen ingredient but it has several benefits for the skin. For instance, it helps in removing suntan, removes dead skin cells and can give instant fairness. Another secret weapon is how the Bollywood diva follows the CMT ritual or the cleansing, toning and moisturizing regime.  
  • If you wonder what the actress does to get such lustrous locks, let me tell you that she uses a homemade hair pack made by combining yogurt, egg white and honey. 
  • The actress follows a simple diet which consists of avoiding junk food. Some essential elements of her eating habits include chapattis, curd and salads. 
  • Another secret is how the actress believes in the benefits of aromatherapy and ayurvedic massages. 

 Do you prefer to follow the beauty tips of the Dhak Dhak actress or of Rekhaji? Please share your comments!

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