Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate

We associate the consumption of chocolate with falling into temptation due to its high caloric content. However, there are many studies that show that moderate daily consumption of dark chocolate (7 to 20 grams) can be very beneficial.

Which Chocolate is the Healthiest?

The best chocolate, nutritionally speaking, is black with a high percentage of cocoa, 70% or higher. An ounce after a meal or snack is perfect. If you prefer, you can also choose to add a tablespoon of pure defatted cocoa powder to your glass of milk for a sweet and healthy breakfast or snack.

Regular consumption of dark chocolate, with cocoa percentages higher than 70%, can have many benefits, especially thanks to its flavonoid content. Below, in this article you will discover the most surprising benefits of chocolate.

Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Reduces the Risk of Suffering From Stroke

According to some studies carried out in Sweden on a group of women, those who eat at least forty-five grams of bitter chocolate within a week have a lower risk of suffering from stroke. This risk is even reduced by up to 20%.

Helps Strengthen the Heart

Regular consumption of dark chocolate helps to reduce the levels of “bad” cholesterol in the blood, blood pressure and, consequently, considerably reduces the risk of suffering from some heart disease in the future.

Helps You Feel Full

Chocolate contains a lot of fiber. This transforms it into a food that gives a strong sense of satiety, which reduces the desire to eat other foods and thus allows you to avoid any weight gain.

It Could Help Fight Diabetes

Although it has not yet been fully scientifically proven, it is thought that eating chocolate frequently can help fight diabetes by increasing the insulin sensitivity of the cells.

It’s Good for the Skin

Chocolate is a food rich in flavonoids, which are antioxidants that have the ability to protect the skin from UV rays. However, be careful. Don’t think that by eating a chocolate bar you can stop using sunscreen.

Helps Reduce Cough

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Among the components of chocolate there is one called theobromine, which acts on the vagus nerve, the cranial nerve that causes coughing attacks. This can help calm coughs.

Helps to Lift Morale

When a person is down in the dumps, discouraged or stressed, they are often advised to eat a piece of chocolate because they will feel better right away. This is because among the benefits of chocolate, there is also that of being an ally of good mood.

So, always having a few chocolate bars on hand to bite into at times when you are saddest is a great idea.

It Can Help Improve Blood Circulation

Chocolate possesses anticoagulant properties that can help improve blood circulation, offering results similar to those of aspirin. Remember, however, that it is always necessary to listen to the doctor’s opinion, only he can advise you on how to act to deal with any circulation problem.

It Is Important for Improving Eyesight

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Thanks to the properties possessed by chocolate to improve circulation, in particular the direct circulation to the brain, it is believed that it can also be effective on the blood flow of the retina, thus improving vision.

It Can Make You Smarter

According to some scientists, the increased blood flow to the brain makes us more alert and active, thus promoting learning.

It is essential to know that the chocolate that has all these properties is in particular the dark one, since it has a large amount of flavonoids. The chocolate that contains the most flavonoids is the one that contains at least 70% cocoa.

As you can see, this delicious food, loved by thousands of people, is a very important ally for health, contrary to what many think. It is necessary to consume it with a certain frequency in order to obtain all the benefits of chocolate for the health of our body, especially for the brain and heart.

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