7 Popular Beauty Tips You Shouldn’t Follow

Getting advice from others is always good. Help from others is appreciated, but not all advice is beneficial. We’ve listed five such beauty tips that you have to pass up!

1) You Don’t Need to Use Sunscreen if Your Foundation Already Contains Spf

Sunscreen is a must. Nowadays, many makeup products also have SPF. A common misconception is that this is enough to protect the face from the sun adequately. Unfortunately, the concentration of SPF in makeup is lower than what is needed in a day. This is why it is highly recommended to include sunscreen in your makeup routine. Skipping sunscreen can cause your skin to become more quickly damaged by the sun, leading to accelerated skin aging.

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2) You Have to Test the Foundation on Your Hand to Find the Right Shade

Finding the right shade of foundation can be quite tricky. There are many different ways to find out which shade is best suited for your skin. One standard method is to test the foundation on your hand. But the colour of the hand is not the same as the colour of the face. Therefore, the hand is not the best place to match the foundation. Try the foundation on the jawline to find the best colour match.

3) You Don’t Need a Day Cream if You Have Oily Skin

A common misconception when it comes to oily skin is that you don’t need a day cream because you already have enough moisture in your skin. This is not true. Many think that only those with dry skin should use moisturizer, but moisturizer is equally essential for everyone. Skipping moisturizer for oily skin can cause your skin to produce more oil. This doesn’t mean you should buy a rich moisturizer now. Use a lightly moisturizing product. A cream that is too thick can clog pores and cause breakouts.

4) You Can Use Bronzer to Shape

This tip is not always wrong. Using a bronzer to shape can work if the powder is matte and not much darker than your skin tone. But in general, using a bronzer to contour is not recommended. When shaping, you are trying to create dimension on the face. You’re creating shadows, and shadows have a cool undertone. Bronzers almost always have a warm undertone. They are meant to warm up the face and create the illusion that you’ve been in the sun. That’s why contouring powders are better for adding dimension because they give a much more realistic effect.

5) Heat Your Eyelash Curler With the Blow Dryer

The logic behind this trick is very understandable. If you can use heat to curl your hair, why not your lashes? Unfortunately, this makeup trick is not only wrong but also unsafe. The skin around the eyes is much thinner than the rest of the skin. Therefore, allowing this skin to come in contact with heat is very unsafe. Besides, the eyelashes are much thinner than the rest of the hair. Therefore, these hairs are also much more vulnerable. So save yourself the hassle and curl your lashes the traditional way.

6) Pinch Your Cheeks Instead of Using Blush

Cutting back is indeed essential, but pinching your cheeks? Seriously? Please don’t do it because you’re only hurting your skin, and it can cause your blood vessels to break and leave stains.

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7) Apply Hemorrhoids Cream

This beauty tip is undoubtedly one of the most popular. Even celebrities like Sandra Bullock have recommended that it is best to apply a little cream for hemorrhoids to eliminate those terrible bags under the eyes. It may work for its anti-inflammatory properties, but be very careful because it is not a skincare product. The skin effects can be severe, and even more so because it is an area as delicate as the eyes because this medicine contains strong substances.

Do you know any other popular beauty tips you think should be avoided? Share it with us in the comments below!

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