Tips to Stop Having an Oily Skin

It may seem like a trivial reason, or you might even think that it is absurd and exaggerated for someone to commit suicide over just a few bars. Still, the reality is that in Mexico, it is estimated that one of the leading causes of suicide or attempted suicide among young people aged 16 to 22 is acne. Also, this dermatological problem causes bullying and, therefore, low self-esteem in its victims. Thus, as a trigger for severe depression, the most common and annoying skin condition has raised the alarm worldwide. A significant factor that aggravates acne is stress. When it occurs, cortisol levels rise; this hormone is found in the sebaceous glands that cause more fat to be produced. Similarly, stress causes the sweat glands to be “activated” and exacerbates facial discharge. Later, that fat will turn into pimples and spots that hurt, affect the skin and go against what most consider aesthetic.

Oily skin: 6 treatments, causes, and prevention

In these cases, a psychologist’s intervention is necessary to deal with the problem thoroughly because it is not only a physical issue that a dermatologist must take care of but also an emotional one. Having acne brings many conflicts in terms of self-esteem, safety, self-acceptance, harassment, and other situations whose consequences are severe and in some cases extreme, such as suicide.

But not all is lost; fortunately, some beauty tricks avoid acne and its consequences. These are easy to follow and make you look better and make your skin healthy and clean, which translates into a person who looks good and therefore feels good.

Hydrate your skin
We may think that an oily complexion is not suitable for a moisturizer, but that is a severe mistake. We need to keep the pores hydrated with a special cream for your skin type and without artificial or extra fats. Oil-free creams are ideal because, in addition to moisturizing, they also refresh.

Use a sunscreen
This product prevents the skin from becoming oily and prevents blemishes, and slows down the skin’s aging. The sun tends to “take advantage” of oily skin and leave its mark if it burns too much.

This Is The Best Skin-Care Routine for Oily Skin

Exfoliate your skin.
Natural products do not irritate the dermis; similarly, there are chemical products that help keep the pores closed and with proper moisturization. Exfoliating the face helps remove impurities and dirt that accumulate; It is recommended to do this at least once and up to three times a week.

Use makeup without oil.
If you can go through life without foundation, that is much better, but it is best to look for a specific oil-free product for oily skin if you choose to use it. These visibly control the creation of facial fat and maintain a matte effect for much of the day. If you notice grease appearing during the day, don’t retouch with more makeup; gently remove the shine with a tissue, or use translucent powders to tone and seal the makeup.

Drink water
Try to keep your body hydrated. Don’t stop drinking water throughout the day because when the body has enough moisture, the fat the skin produces secretes a natural glow, not an excess of it.

Wash your face with neutral soap.
Don’t use the same soap you use to wash your body. Buy a special one for acne and shine or choose a neutral soap; these are free of oil, perfume, and dyes, which irritate and cause grease and shine. Dry yourself off with a special towel.

Change the pillowcases.
Do this at least every week and try to make them from cotton. This will prevent bacteria from staying in one place for a long time and reproducing. You will give the face a break and to avoid acne.

Don’t touch your face all day long.
As far as possible, avoid touching your face. If you are going to do it anyway, try washing your hands first. Sometimes, it is straightforward to remove the excess grease with your palms or fingers, but the bacteria will only spread across your face if you do it that way.

Among the youngest, pimples’ appearance is the cause of significant self-esteem problems; moreover, the level of depression in Mexican society is higher than at other times. Fortunately, it is enough to follow these tips and try to use a balanced diet without too many fats to avoid acne. Of course, we must understand that glow in the face is normal, but it is essential to have healthy skin, clean and free of bacteria to make it less noticeable.

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