7 Herbal Energizing Teas

It is normal to reach the end of the day exhausted and fall asleep in bed after having been working all day, after having done some sport, collaborating with the housework, and endless other things. Come on, your day to day is a non-stop and normal that when night comes you will not be able to finish your favorite program because the pillow calls you. But many times the fatigue accumulates, sometimes you don’t even sleep well and you can feel even fatigued, so it would be a good idea to have a supplement to help you fight the fatigue that has lately been the protagonists of your days.

For this, you may have a solution closer than you think and that can help you a lot. We are talking about infusions, since many of them, as natural remedies, have great properties that provide you with doses of energy necessary to face the day in a different way and arrive at night something more active and with a clearer mind.


This is one of the most used herbs to get more energy and thus combat day-to-day fatigue. In addition, it tends to strengthen blood circulation and help improve concentration and attention, so beyond reducing physical exhaustion, it also helps you with the mental, allowing you to clear your mind more. To top it off, it can be an herb that acts as an aphrodisiac.

Green Tea

Green tea can be a great energy contribution in your day to day thanks to the presence of vitamins, minerals and proteins that it provides to the body. For this reason, it helps fight fatigue, especially due to its potassium and magnesium content, which reduce fatigue and muscle pain. In addition, its theine content keeps the mind more awake, so it keeps you more active.

Matcha tea

This infusion is very similar to green tea, as it is a Japanese variety of the same that has become fashionable and perhaps you should add it to your diet. This drink manages to reduce stress that sometimes leads to a feeling of fatigue. By managing to relax, it also improves concentration, making it ideal for fighting nerves and even for the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.


Yes, that plant that you use to flavor some of your meals can also be a good infusion to combat fatigue accumulated from day to day, as it allows the nervous system to activate and give you more energy to reduce fatigue and tiredness that have taken over your life. In addition to getting activated, it also allows you to relax your mind and achieve greater concentration for the performance of tasks.


It is normal that in the supermarket you find the occasional carbonated energy drink with Guarana that are not exactly very healthy, but you can also get the seed to make infusions. It is recommended to take it in the morning because its caffeine content is added to the energy it provides, so at night and in hypertensive people it is not entirely recommended, but it does improve concentration and combat fatigue.


Ginger infusions are often recommended for their anti-inflammatory and even analgesic power, but a cup a day also helps to provide energy to the body for the daily routine. In this way, it stimulates the nervous system to stay active, improve performance and be a source of vitamins and minerals for the body.

Horse tail

Although in general the infusion of horsetail is used to lose weight, fight against fluid retention or strengthen hair and harden nails, the truth is that it is a drink that can help fight exhaustion thanks to strengthening produced in the body, especially in the bones.

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