All About Auricular Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese medicine has always given us different and unique ways to treat a particular disease. These methods are natural, safe, painless and contain no drugs. In the Chinese concept, the body is supposed to maintain a delicate balance with the environment through energy exchange. Positive energy always flows through the body and eliminates the negative. The whole body system works only for this exchange to maintain balance. One such method is auricular acupuncture.

Auricular acupuncture is a Chinese concept that focuses on the outer ear for treatment. The auricle is considered a whole system that controls the ear’s main activities and other body organs. The auricle or external part of the ear contains several acupuncture points connected to the entire body. Here super fine needles are inserted into these points; the insertion causes stimulation of points that generate signals, signals reach the brain that activates the organ involved. This activation increases that organ’s functioning through increased muscle movement, blood circulation, and toxins released.

The operation of auricular acupuncture is based on three theories:

The anatomical model states that the auricular points on the map can be considered an inverted fetus. The messages transmitted to the body parts come back to the auricle, making it a bidirectional movement.

Delta reflex: this says that stimulation of points in the auricle causes stimulation in the affected body part. This causes an increase in the temperature of that part, and in the same way, the body part causes an increase in the temperature of the auricle. Both act as lock and key, with the auricular point acting as the key to the body organs’ lock.

The meridian concept: this is accepted in Chinese medicine. It believes that energy flows through fixed energy pathways called meridians. Any blockage in this pathway is the root cause of any disease, so stimulation of the auricular points has a therapeutic effect on the meridians.

The Western world adopts the Chinese method and principles and comes up with the same techniques with some modifications in improvements. Auricular acupuncture with needles is a Chinese concept, but now the Western world has developed it in Auriculotherapy. Here, advanced technologies are used to stimulate these acupoints in the ear without using needles, such as laser, magnets, pressure pellets, electricity, etc. French neurologist Paul Nogier developed it.

The auricular acupuncture treatment has various therapeutic effects on the whole body because it contains acupoints connected to the entire body. It balances mental and emotional status by reducing anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia. Various physical pain types such as arthritis, back pain, headaches, migraines, muscle tension are reduced with it. Its connection with the digestive and respiratory organs helps treat indigestion, colitis, asthma, bronchitis, constipation etc. Also, it is beneficial to unlearning the habit of smoking and drinking. It balances the menstrual periods of women.

For auricular acupuncture, there is a particular class of acupuncturists who are experts in the field of ear muscles. These acupuncturists have complete knowledge of the two hundred acupuncture points located in the external ear. One precaution during this treatment is that the needle must be inserted into the ear canal that reaches the inner ear. It can lead to complete hearing damage of the person, so one must be very careful during this process. It is done specifically on the fleshy part of the ear, also known as the auricle.

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