Are Your Fingernails Talking To You?

Are your fingernails letting you down? Judging by the ever-growing market for false acrylic nails, it seems that many people prefer to hide their nails. Amazingly, the condition of your fingernails can give a clear picture of your overall physical and mental health.

Beau’s lines

Horizontal indentations in the nails that go all the way through can indicate diabetes or malnutrition, among other things. The lines may also be the result of an accident or a previous illness with a high fever. In some people, the lines disappear on their own as the nail grows, while others must wait until the nail is fully grown.

Clumping of the fingertips and nails.

Some conditions, such as problems with the liver, heart, lungs or intestines, can cause the fingertips to widen and the nails to bend around them. This condition, called “bunking,” indicates that a medical checkup should be considered.

Discolored nails

Although most people know that yellowing of the nails can be caused by smoking cigarettes (another reason to stop smoking), discoloration of the nails can be the result of various medical conditions such as chronic bronchitis, especially when it is associated with other symptoms.
Some respiratory diseases can be recognized by the fact that all the fingernails are dull yellow. The nails are often thicker than normal and tend to grow very slowly.

Fungal infections or lymphedema (swelling of the hands) can also be the culprit. The nails can take on different colors, from red and black due to blood under the nails, to a greenish tint or even white spots. For long-term discoloration, a doctor should be consulted.

Ingrown nails.

Fingernails with small pits tend to plague people who suffer from psoriasis or dermatitis. Pits in combination with hair loss may also indicate alopecia areata, a condition caused by poor functioning of the autoimmune system.

Dirty nails.

Nails that constantly have a thick layer of dirt under them show the world that the person to whom they belong has no respect for himself. In general, this type of dirty nail is seen in the person who is careless about their appearance and health. Because of this, it can also be an indication of depression and low self-esteem.

Nail biting and picking

Nail biting and picking often begins in childhood and can often be related to anxiety or insecurity. There are a variety of over-the-counter products available that claim to help stop nail biting. Most are based on a foul tasting liquid applied to the nails.

However, proper hypnotherapy is probably the easiest and most effective treatment for nail biting and picking. Nail picking can cause long-term trauma, weakening and softening the nails and making them tear and flake more easily. Often the nail picker is unaware that he is doing it. Wearing gloves, if possible, makes it harder to give in to this habit. Many people grow away from these habits as they mature, but some do not succeed.
When both habits are entrenched, they cannot respond to will and desire, and in this case, outside help is usually necessary. Professional advanced hypnotherapy can effectively and quickly fix both of these habits.


In onycholysis, the nails, which are opaque, appear to detach from the nail bed.
The nails easily snag on material or other objects. This condition is caused by injuries, infections, thyroid problems or reactions to medications, nail products or even because the nails have grown too long. This condition is usually painless, but should be examined by a physician to determine if treatment is needed.


In this unsightly condition, the nails grow in a hollow manner and appear to stand off the sides of the fingertips. It may be caused by an iron deficiency. When spoon-shaped nails are accompanied by general fatigue, it may indicate anemia. However, spoon-shaped nails can also be the result of a deformity due to an injury and may grow out over time.

Split nails

Split fingernails can be prevented by using moisturizer regularly and wearing rubber gloves when washing dishes or using chemicals. Nail polish remover can cause split nails, so it is advisable not to use it more than once a week.

Terry’s Nails

Nails that look pearly opaque, often combined with a darker area between this and the white tips, are known as Terry’s Nails. Some health problems can be the cause, such as heart and liver problems, but the condition can also be caused by malnutrition or simply old age.

Vertical ridges.

Narrow ridges running vertically from the cuticle to the nail tip may indicate a mild nutritional deficiency, although this may also be due to hereditary factors.
By paying attention to the condition of your nails and what they are trying to tell you, you can ensure that you live a long and healthy life.

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