Brows Do’s and Don’ts

Every girl dreams of having great and good looking eyebrows that are similar to Angelina Jolie and not weird that gives you a constant surprised look. However, there are many girls who give up and end up having eyebrows that don’t match their face and some have the help of aesthetics, by having an eyebrow lift that will brighten your face in other way which will change your look forever.

A brow lift can take years off your appearance or correct things like droopy eyelids, deep forehead creases, and frown lines. But there are a few essential things to remember before deciding to have this or any surgical treatment. This brow lift is a surgical procedure in which the individual wishes to alter his or her appearance. This operation focuses primarily on the person’s forehead and eyebrows. The goal is to get rid of the drooping eyebrows or eyelids and make the individual look refreshed. Forehead creases and those that appear on the bridge of the nose (between the eyebrows) can also be corrected or “erased” by this procedure, and many people like the results.


Before undergoing the brow lift, the patient should have some tests done to see how ideal they are as candidates. Not everyone is perfect; health must be optimal when considering the possibility of undergoing surgery of any kind. The patient must stop smoking (if he or she is a smoker) a few months before the next operation. Smoking can limit the amount of oxygen that travels through the bloodstream. This can affect the effectiveness of drugs and medications during the operation. If the person is currently taking supplements or medications, they should be examined by the doctor to see if they need to be adjusted or stopped in the meantime.

The surgeon will also advise the patient about the medications they may take long before the procedure is performed. Taking anti-inflammatory medicines and aspirin may hurt the body and could affect the brow lift. The surgeon, patient, and anesthesiologist should discuss what to do in emergencies.


During the undertaking, the patient will most likely be unconscious due to the anesthesia. Before diving, however, the patient should strive to remain calm and relieve tension if present. Elevated heart rate and some anxiety may be an obstacle to the surgery being performed. Doctors reserve the right not to perform the surgery if they believe there is any danger to the patient.


Recovery is difficult, especially for those who have not been informed about what will happen during this time. The part of the head that is affected can be wrapped in gauze or bandaged, depending on the physician and the patient’s preference. A few days before the browlift procedure, the surgeon should prescribe the necessary medications to help the patient cope with the recovery and discomfort that comes with it. It’s not a good idea for the patient to buy medicines after the operation since it can be fragile, and any large movement could open up the incision wounds. Doctors also prefer that their patients rest immediately after the procedure so as not to endanger their bodies. Anti-inflammatory medications and antibiotics should be taken as prescribed by the plastic surgeon to help prevent any complications after the brow lift. The timing and dosage of antibiotics should be followed precisely, even if they are already feeling much better. This means that if the doctor has prescribed fourteen days of antibiotics, the patient should do so.

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