6 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Haircut

Choosing a new haircut is an important decision, which can give us a lot of dissatisfaction or great satisfaction. If you’ve ever seen yourself sitting in the hair salon and looking at your new look with horror, you know what we’re talking about! Although we usually tend to think that the fault usually comes from the hair stylist, the truth is that we don’t choose right, are not honest, or fail to communicate what we want.

Here are some tips that can help you avoid such mistakes during your next visit to the hair salon:

1) Be Honest

Being honest will help the stylist find the exact hairstyle that suits you best. It’s vital that you know how to get what you want across. You also need to be honest about your hair care and styling routines. For example, if you use the hairdryer every day if you usually straighten or iron your hair, if you air dry it, wash it every day, and so on. There’s no point in having a trendy hairstyle if you don’t know how to style your hair daily. Remember: the hairstyle you leave the salon with is not the same as the one you leave the house with every day. After all, a “high maintenance” hairstyle can be unflattering if you air dry your hair every day.

2) Consider Your Lifestyle

To choose the most suitable hairstyle, you need to consider your daily routines. For example, if you go to the gym or run after work or if your profession requires you to tie your hair. You also need to consider the frequency with which you need to wash your hair (which is sometimes conditioned by the profession we do). In this way, the hairdresser will find the hairstyle which is suited to your lifestyle and needs.

3) Use Visual Examples

One of the hardest things when changing your haircut is to convey what the hairstyle we want looks like. Often we are inaccurate when explaining what we like, and at other times we use the wrong terms. After all, every hairdresser may have a different concept of what is in fashion, and not everyone will interpret a “bob” hairstyle in the same way, for example. That’s why we recommend that you take images of the hairstyle you’re referring to and not just talk about the number of fingers you want to cut. This is not a reliable reference. In addition to indicating the length, you are looking for a specific style (with layers, longer in front, asymmetric, etc.), it is best to show examples of what you want using pictures.

4) Take Into Account the Shape of Your Face

You might like a haircut, but you haven’t noticed that the actress who wears it has a face shape opposite to yours. That means it probably won’t do you any good. For example, round faces need a hairstyle that compensates for the width of their face (hairstyles such as the “long bob”, long layered hair, or asymmetrical “pixies”). The elongated faces, meanwhile, are perfect for cuts such as “Bob”. You should always consult a professional before, as they are the ones who best know how to interpret your features.

5) Do not be afraid to intervene

The moment you’re getting your hair cut is not the most appropriate time to look at a magazine. Instead, keep an eye on the evolution of the hairstyle, and don’t be afraid to ask questions during the process if you don’t feel confident. It’s better to clear up a misunderstanding in time than to waste money with a look that isn’t what you’re looking for.

4 Tips To Help You Choose The Best hairdresser South Yarra - Daily Blogs

6) Avoid Drastic Changes

If you’re thinking of a radical makeover, we recommend you make a transition with an interim haircut that allows you to make sure the result is flattering. This requires going to the hairdresser more often, but it’s the best way to find the perfect look and not spend months regretting not having a test done before cutting your hair.

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