Gray Hairstyles that You Can Rock

I remember the first time I had my gray hair and I was so panicked as it was somehow regarded as bad to have gray hair for someone so young. Having your first gray hair can make you feel older than you are, but there are several ways to deal with it. If you only have a few gray hairs, you can choose to pluck them as they appear or dye them as they continue to grow. A third option is to let your hair grow naturally gray as you adopt your new look.

Many people choose to keep their hair gray because it looks sleek and distinctive. Others may cover their gray hair for a while but eventually decide to save time and money by giving up coloring their hair at home or in the salon. If you choose to let your hair grow gray, then the process will be gradual because gray usually appears first on the head’s sides, then around the crown, and finally on the back. Those who decide to leave their hair as it is while it grows in gray can follow some useful tips to make the locks look shiny, healthy, and vibrant.

Your age has very little to do with a hairstyle that is right for you. Many hairstyles are classics, and if you think about it, you’ve seen them yourself. Think of Meryl Streep in “The Devil Wears Prada,” and what about the infamous Peggy Lee with her “platinum” hair?

Some people don’t want to wear their hair completely gray, but they like the “salt and pepper” look. If this idea appeals to you, then you can try adding highlights to your hair. This will add subtle stripes of color that accentuate some of your grays while covering the other highlights.

Think of other classic celebrity hairstyles. Princess Diana’s short full cut or Barbara Streisand’s long elegant one. How about those not so famous, flashy, and sexy gray women, you know? They have some things in common. They’ve done their homework and found a style that was flattering to their face, not their age. So, like any big decision you make:


1. If you don’t have a good stylist, you need to find one. No, not one who specializes in gray hair, just a good stylist. Be bold and ask a stranger, “Who does your hair?” Who wouldn’t want to hear such a flattering question? And they give you the right orientation. Win, win!

2. On your first visit to the stylist, don’t wash your hair immediately. Discuss your options while your hair is dry so the stylist can see your hair in its natural state.

3. . Be open to new ideas when you talk to your stylist. A good stylist can give you sound advice on what might work best for you.

Bring along some photos of the hairstyles you like. It can help the stylist create something flattering that you want.

4. Be realistic about what the stylist has to work with. For example, if you have lines and creases on your forehead, you may want to downplay them with feathered bangs or side-swept bangs. You may have crow’s feet. Hide the softly edged sides that frame your face.

5. Adulterate your new hairstyle by amplifying your makeup, standing up, and making sure you have a bright white smile.

So, go for it! Forget about looking for gray hair. Your age has nothing to do with choosing a new hairstyle. Choose something that’s right for you.

Make sure you saturate your hair thoroughly when using these colored shampoos because if you don’t cover your hair entirely with the product, you’ll end up with uneven patches of gray.

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