Tips To Encourage Hair Growth

Would you love to change your look and cut your hair, but you don’t dare because it takes time to grow? It’s your lucky day! In this article, you will find some simple tips that will help you get back to wearing long and lively hair.

Before Shampooing, Wet With Warm Water

Before shampooing your hair, it is essential to wash it with water, but it cannot be too cold or too hot. Coldwater is not suitable for removing dirt, but if it is too hot, we stimulate the sebaceous glands too much and cause them to produce too much oil. Therefore, it is best to wet your hair with warm water, which allows you to remove dirt before washing and effectively stimulate oil production.

Massage the Scalp

When we wash our hair with shampoo, we must apply it little by little, gently massaging the scalp and without doing it too quickly or with excessive force, as we can damage it. We must wash our heads delicately. You also have to see if enough foam is produced or not. When there is little, it is generally because there is too much oil in the hair, so we should apply more water.

Don’t Wash It Daily

Washing your hair daily is a highly inadvisable practice. If we apply shampoo every day, we can cause it to become too greasy or too dry, and therefore, can even cause excessive hair loss. Consequently, it is best to wash every day, every day.

Comb Gently Before Showering

To remove the dirt that we have accumulated during the day before showering, it is advisable to comb the hair before entering the shower gently. In this way, we remove hair products and dirt that may have remained.

Do Second Washes

When we use treatment shampoos or simply if we notice that the hair has not been clean enough (there is still grease), it is advisable to do a second wash without drying. That is, wash once, rinse, and wash again.

Rinse With Plenty of Cold Water

Although we said that warm water was better to wet the hair first, rinsing is different. The shampoo should be removed with cold water since, at low temperatures, the hair scales are compressed, and it is softer. If we do it with hot water, these scales open, and the hair is more brittle and with a dry appearance.

Avoid the Dryer As Much As Possible

The hair drying phase is significant, as it is a time when, if not done correctly, we can damage it enormously. It is recommended that when we get out of the shower, we first put a towel over our hair but not rub it yet. In this way, we remove the first part of the water and reduce the time we have to rub with the towel, as here we can damage the scalp. You have to dry gently for as long as necessary.

We should reserve the dryer for the last minute when we only have to comb our hair, as the hot air dries the hair and makes it brittle. It is best to dry it in the open air without a towel or dryer if possible.

Limit the Consumption of Carbohydrates

What we eat also influences our hair health, especially to determine if we have oily hair or not. Anyway, what has traditionally been said that foods with more fat are the ones that make hair oily the most is, for now, a myth. What has been seen to negatively affect hair health is the excessive consumption of carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice, cereals, potatoes …). Therefore, if we have oily hair problems (or we want to avoid having them), we should reduce the consumption of these carbohydrates.

Apply the Shampoo for the Indicated Time

Especially in the treatment ones, the shampoos, on their label, have indications about the best way to use it. One should pay special attention to the appropriate time of use and always respect it since each one must use a specific time to give the most incredible benefits.

Brush It Daily

As long as it is done with gentle and gentle brushes, brushing is an excellent way to massage the scalp and stimulate hair health. With these massages (it doesn’t have to be with brushes, but they are the most effective), we improve blood circulation, nourish the hair better, and encourage the sebaceous glands to produce the right amount of fat.

Do you have any other useful tips for hair growth? Remember to leave them in the comments below.

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