Tips to Take Care of Curly Hair

Do you have curly hair and have issues taking proper care of them? Read on for some tricks to put an end to frizz and keep your waves/curls under control!

Curly hair needing specific care is a fact! This type of hair tends to dry out and therefore break much faster. Factors such as humidity make styling difficult, especially with the volume that curly hair has. Here are some tips that may help keep your curls hydrated, shiny, and smooth!


Curly hair needs specific care, and this depends on the type of curl. If it is a subtle curl, it should be washed every two days to prevent the curl from losing its elasticity. However, if it is a thicker curl, it is advisable to wash it only once a week or when it looks dirty.

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As with the frequency of washing, each type of curl needs different products.

If the curl is thick and dry, YES, specific products for curly hair should be used to control and define the curl. With this type of curl, the use of products containing sulfates should be avoided as these dry out the hair a lot.

If the curl is slight and oily, do NOT use specific products for curly hair as they have the opposite effect on this type of hair, i.e., they sink and smooth the curl. In these cases, it is ideal to use a shampoo with a neutral pH and then apply a conditioner, much better if it is a lather. For this type of hair, you should also avoid products containing silicones and parabens.


This type of hair should be combed in the shower to apply a softening cream or mask. Start at the ends to end in the root zone. Avoid brushing the curl again until the next shower.

Beauty tip: Use a wide-tooth comb.


Dry your hair in the shower, head down. The key is to press the ends and move the hair to the roots; this way, the curls remain defined. Do not rub your hair with the towel, as the curl will lose its shape and get tangled up. Once you get out of the shower, don’t wrap your hair in the towel because it will crumble. Just put the towel on your shoulders. Make sure to use a microfibre towel or a t-shirt.


Rinse your hair using a smoothing cream or mask with warm water. This will help define the curl. Curly hair should avoid cold water before the final rinse, as this type of water fills and hardens the cuticle, which in these cases tends to straighten the hair.

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Do not lie down with wet hair; your curls will lie flat. Make sure it is 100% dry before going to bed.


With hair completely damp, dry it upside down with a diffuser to give the curl weight. The dryer should be on a low setting but with the heat at maximum so that the hair doesn’t warp. Make as little friction with the diffuser as possible, but extend it as long as possible until the hair is dry. While drying, try not to touch the hair with your hands or with the comb.

Beauty tip: Once hair is dry, apply a shine spray through the middle and ends to give extra light to the hair.


Try not to touch your hair after you have finished your grooming routine. Playing with hair destroys the shape of your curls. The fingers can also remove or, conversely, add more of the natural moisturizing oils that the hair itself has, making the hair look greasy or too dry.

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Curly hair can look lovely in a braid, and it’s a way to style it without using a heat tool. It’s an updo that keeps the hair out of your face but doesn’t crush your curls.

Put these nine tips into practice and show off your flawless curls!

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