Mistakes to Avoid When Showering

These days, showering has become more than just a matter of personal hygiene. Showering is also a way of maintaining good health and protect ourselves from bacteria, infections, and illnesses. It also helps in building our self-confidence and improving our physical and emotional well-being. A cold shower gives us the boost we need to wake up in the morning, while a warm one offers a relaxing moment after a long day of work. It is soothing and makes it the perfect moment to have positive thoughts.


Yet, there are many things that we do when showering that can significantly impact our health. In this article, we’ve gathered a list of mistakes to avoid when we indulge in this particular moment under running water.


Extremely Hot Water

While many of us love to enjoy steamy hot water to relax, this is not good for your skin. In fact, the appropriate temperature for a shower is approximately 35 to 40ºC. When water is too hot, it removes all the sebum on your skin’s surface, making it dry and scaly. This can even develop infections and rashes in some cases.


Very Long Showers

Another mistake that you definitely want to avoid is spending too much time under the shower. This will also lead to skin dryness and can even make it reddish and vulnerable. Get under the shower, clean yourself, and get out. Ten minutes is ideal and enough for a shower. A tip that you can use is to turn off the water while shaving or setting the conditioner in, this will save your skin but also water and money.


The Use of Antibacterial Soaps

Using wrong soaps like antibacterial ones can be unhealthy for your skin. For instance, these kinds of soaps can kill too many bacteria, including the good ones. This will let harmful bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics to move in your epidermis. Harsh soaps can also dry out your skin, and we recommend that you favor mild soaps and cleansers with added oils and moisturizers that are gentle to your skin. If you have skin irritation and eczema, use fragrance-free soaps instead of scented soaps that can irritate your skin further.


Sponges and Loofahs

Sponges and loofahs can be home to more bacteria than you can imagine, especially if they are old. While we recommend that you use a fresh washcloth every time you shower or simply use your hands with some soap and water, we can understand that some still prefer loofahs and sponges. In those cases, what you can do is to change them monthly, wash them, and let them dry after each shower.


Old Razor Blades

Many people often overlook this, but continuously using old razor blades to put off buying some new ones can damage your skin. How? They will irritate the skin and cause inflammation, which will then result in ingrown hairs. You can replace the razor blades after 3 to 5 shaves for best results and to protect your skin.


Excessive Drying

A huge mistake that most people make is that they spend too much time rubbing their towel on their body to dry it. All that rubbing is not necessary at all. Besides, you should always make sure to use a soft towel to keep a smooth skin.


Forgetting the Moisturizer

This last mistake to avoid is post-shower, you might say. Alright, fair enough! But it is not less important. Even if showers are kept short and lukewarm or cold, they will still get rid of your skin’s natural oil. This is why post-shower hydration with a good moisturizer is essential for healthy skin.


These are common mistakes to avoid if you want to protect your skin and keep it healthy. Do you know any other things that we should not do while showering? Leave them in the comments below!

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