6 Smoothies for a Smooth Skin

Do you have these few gorgeous looking friends who always had glowing skin and keep wondering why not you? Their skin is so smooth naturally, and you’ve been yearning for ages to get the same glow. You’ve tried so many beauty products, makeup but in vain… You have never been able to achieve the same results. How about attacking the problem from the inside? You may have heard many times that what you consume can significantly impact the health of your skin. But this time, we are not talking about what you eat. We meant drinking your way to radiant skin. Yes, you’ve read that right! How? By regularly consuming nutritious smoothies.

With the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables, smoothies are perfect for giving your body a healthy detox while giving you the beautiful skin complexion you’ve always dreamed of. Here are some miraculous smoothies that you can drink to banish your lousy skin for good:

1. ABC Smoothie

Main Ingredients:





While this ABC smoothie is as simple as ABC, it is no less packed with nutrients and benefits. Besides being marvelous for your heart and brain, this blend of apple, beetroot, and carrot also promotes spotless skin while preserving it from black spots, blemishes, acne, and pimples. This beverage can even be seen as an eternal youth elixir as the vegetables contain vitamin A which has anti-aging properties. 

2. Apple Crumble Smoothies

Main Ingredients:




I’m sure you were not waiting for that one! But the apple crumble smoothie is total bliss when it comes to glowing skin. Apple is not the main component in this blend: it is in fact, cinnamon, the essential ingredient of a great apple crumble. Cinnamon has antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-fungal properties and works wonders when it comes to regulating blood sugar levels, making it a perfect solution for acne-free skin.

3. Spicy Squash Smoothies

Main Ingredients:

-Butternut squash



Butternut squash is high in nutrients, including vitamin A and B6, iron, folate, magnesium, and potassium. When you consume this vegetable, it protects your skin from sun exposure and dehydration by keeping it moisturized. Some of the vitamins also build collagen to prevent the early appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When paired with turmeric, which is famous for its anti-inflammatory features, it can give your skin this radiant glow you’ve been yearning for.

4. Detox Wheatgrass Smoothie

Main Ingredient:

– Wheatgrass


This smoothie will help detoxify your body, and while enhancing your health, it will give you clear skin. Wheatgrass is full of antioxidants, which is powerful to get rid of scars and blemishes. This veggie can even be used as a cure for skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema. The chlorophyll found in the wheatgrass also rebuild tissues, hence benefiting your epidermis. 

5. Pink Strawberry Smoothie

Main Ingredients:

– Strawberries

-Coconut/Almond milk


Strawberries are high sources of vitamin C which is very useful in removing the excess of sebum on the skin and also in lightening acne scars and blemishes. Combine them with some almond or coconut milk, rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, and this magical blend will leave you with smooth luminous skin.

6. Purple Cabbage Combo

Main Ingredients:

– Purple Cabbage

– Blueberries


Packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, purple cabbage is very beneficial when protecting your skin against free radical damage. Team it up with some blueberries, and this load of fibers will flush out the toxins from your metabolism. This will help you obtain glowing skin in the blink of an eye.

If you regularly drink these smoothies, you can be sure that you’ll see a noticeable improvement in your skin appearance. So why wait? Start living your life juiceful for gorgeous-looking skin. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you know any other miraculous smoothies for a beautiful complexion.

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