Winter Skin Care Tips for Dry and Itchy Skin

Winter is a time when you can frolic in the snow and feel alive after a stifling summer. On the other hand, it is also a time when your skin suffers the most. If you don’t want to have cracked, dry or itchy skin, follow these care tips to keep your skin supple and healthy this winter.


Tip 1: Use “oily” moisturizers


Even if you spread this summer moisturizer all over your face, your skin will become dry again once you’re out. Most summer and spring lotions are water-based and don’t give your skin the moisture level it needs during those dry winter days.


Skin Care Tip – The next time you visit the store, look for an oil-based moisturizer and pick up a bottle. Apply it as soon as you feel your skin itch or stretch to soothe it. This will help lock in all the moisture your skin needs and create a protective layer around it to keep it that way. Be sure to apply your lotion just after a shower and several times a day to prevent your skin from drying out. Also look for lotions that contain humectants such as glycerine and alpha hydroxy acid that can attract and hold moisture in your skin. For really dry skin, try applying petroleum jelly or a mineral oil that can help retain moisture.


Skin Care Tip #2: Take short showers or hot baths.


Taking a hot shower or bath is a heavenly experience on a cold winter morning, but did you know that showering can damage your skin? Long hot showers can attract moisture to your skin by breaking down the lipid barriers of your cells. Extremely hot water can also break your skin’s capillaries, causing spots and can even dry out your skin by sucking out all the moisture it needs.


Skin Care Tip – To avoid this, take a lukewarm bath with a little oatmeal or baking soda. This will keep your skin from itching, while a few drops of jojoba or almond oil will keep it moisturized. Avoid bathing more than once a day and use a mild soap with moisturizers to help rehydrate dry skin. Avoid hot showers as intense as on a cold winter day and keep shower time to a minimum. Be sure to apply your lotion while your skin is still wet!


Skin Care Tip #3: Use a humidifier.


Winter air is known to be dry and harsh. To make matters worse, central heating systems that keep us warm dry the air even more by sucking moisture out of our bodies.


Skin Care Tip – Plug in a few small humidifiers to return moisture to the air. Not only does this help your skin, but it can also help alleviate dry eyes and sinus problems. Another less expensive and more attractive option for the eyes is the use of plants. Plants release moisture through their leaves, which can keep the air in your home from drying out. Use broadleaf varieties for the best effect and spray them lightly every now and then to give the air and your plants a little boost of moisture.


Skin Care Tip #4: Give your hands tender, loving care


Your hands are the parts of your body most exposed to cold air during the winter. In addition, because the skin is so thin in this area, they can also dry out and flake off quite quickly. Wet gloves can further dry out your skin and cause irritation.


Skin Care Tip – Keep the skin on your hands moisturized by applying the oil-based lotion mentioned above. Do this every time you wash your hands and cover them with gloves when you go outside. If you prefer woollen gloves, be sure to use a cotton lining to avoid irritation and to wick away sweat, which can also cause problems. Also be sure to use a moisturizing hand soap to add an extra dose of moisture every time you wash your hands.


Tip 5 for the care of the skin: to grease the cold feet


These mint lotions may soothe your hot and sore feet during the summer months, but in the winter, they won’t be much help. You need stronger products to fight the layers of dry skin on your feet in winter.


Skin Care Tip – Look for lotions that contain Vaseline or Glycerine. Such foot gels can cut through all those dead layers and keep your feet soft. But first, remove dead skin by exfoliating your feet so that the moisturizer can penetrate faster and deeper. Winter is a great time to go crazy with these pedicures. With cold toes and wet socks that constantly damage your feet during the winter months, getting pampered is definitely worth it!


Feeling fresh and healthy makes winter a lot more fun. Don’t forget to stock up on oil-based moisturizers and cover your skin. Also apply sunscreen to exposed skin to protect it from harmful UV rays. Limit your bathing time, avoid hot showers, and pamper your skin a little during the harsh winter months. Keep your skin itch-free by following these care tips. You can forget about dry skin and simply have fun!

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