Hacks for Getting a Good Night Sleep

Everyone wants to sleep like a baby, and by that, I mean to get a good eight hours of sleep that will look as if they’ve slept for 24 hours instead. With the constant hustle-bustle of daily life, many people want to have that sleep to make them feel happy when waking up. High quality of sleep is all we need and want, but we end up finding ourselves tossing and turning for hours, unable to drag ourselves to the Land of Nod. A good night sleep is indeed one of the best therapy ever.

We all indeed deserve to have a good night’s sleep. So I have asked some of my friends how they get their good night’s sleep, and here are some of the hacks they use!

1. Bed – For starters, make sure you have the right bed. Amazingly, many people are sleeping on a too-small bed, too hard, or too soft. By purchasing the right bed and mattress, you can be completely blown away at how well you sleep. Without a doubt, the right bed will make a dramatic difference.

2. Schedule – Today, people work crazy schedules and lead busy lives. Try putting yourself on a sleep schedule, so you are going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, even on the weekends. This may take time to get used to, but it will eventually help.

3. Environment – If you are reading in bed, watching television in bed, working on puzzles, or any other similar activity, you need to stop. A good night’s sleep aims to create a peaceful environment that is quiet, dark, cold, comfortable, and non-stimulating.

4. Meals – Interestingly, the time you eat could also affect how you sleep. For instance, we strongly suggest you eat your last meal or snack between three and four hours before your scheduled bedtime. According to a research, by increasing the intake of fruits, vegetables, and pulses, there might be an improvement in your sleep and the time you take when sleeping.

5. Stimulants – Besides noise and activities, you should also cut out nicotine, chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, and other such stimulants after 6:00 p.m.

6. Napping – Even if you struggle to stay awake during the day, you should do all you can to avoid napping. Even a 15-minute power nap could have a direct impact on you falling asleep at night.

7. Exercise – Although everyone should exercise daily to maintain good health, exercising within several hours before bed would make you more alert. Try exercising in the morning or afternoon, never in the late evening.

8. Iron – Sometimes, women will have problems with sleeping due to an iron deficiency. Many times, incorporating a supplement into the daily regimen will make a huge difference in how well you sleep.

9. Children – Okay, we know for some parents this one is tough but make sure your children are sleeping in their bed. Even if you think you are sleeping soundly, you can be sure your brain is listening to your child’s every breath and movement instead, meaning you will not get proper sleep.

10. Snacks – While you want to avoid eating late at night, which can keep you awake, some snacks contain tryptophan, an amino acid that causes sleepiness. For instance, peanuts, turkey, and milk are prime examples, so a small snack of these foods could help you fall and stay asleep.

Look out for a sleep schedule that will be easy for you, depending on your job profile and personal life. If you are still struggling in finding sleep, then do get in touch with a doctor, as there might be some health issues when it comes not sleeping correctly.

Until then, good night and sweet dreams!

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