Astounding Ways to Bid Farewell to Your Yellow Teeth

Many factors are responsible for the loss of the luster and brilliance of your teeth. As we age, our teeth naturally lose their white shine and become dull. Also, poor oral hygiene, plaque, and certain foods can stain our teeth or erode the enamel, making it appear yellow or light brown. But the advantage is that you don’t always have to spend a whole lot of money to have your teeth whitened.

According to one report, U.S. citizens spend more than $1 billion each year on dental caries treatment and tooth whitening products. These products can whiten your teeth, but they can also damage them because they are made from chemicals. As a result, your precious smile will be spoiled and stained. What could be the solution? Don’t worry; we have what you need! The use of natural products and methods for teeth whitening is the right solution for you. Here are some incredible ways to naturally whiten your teeth without using harmful chemicals!


But First, Brush Those Teeth Regularly!

5 Tips For Brushing Your Teeth

Let’s set the record straight right away, brushing daily is the most important thing you can do to keep your teeth glowing. If you haven’t been brushing regularly, make sure you start brushing now. If you have brushed every day and your teeth are still yellowish, try to brush more often, especially after a meal or drink, which can cause your teeth to become yellow.

Avoid brushing your teeth immediately after consuming acidic foods or drinks, as this can lead to erosion! Try using a toothpaste that whitens the teeth to give your smile some extra sparkle and glamour. Such toothpaste uses mild abrasives, which can help eliminate tenacious stains from the surface of your teeth. However, if you have any problems after using such a toothpaste, it is advisable to consult your dentist.


Toothbrush with Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide Paste

The combination of baking soda, toothpaste, and hydrogen peroxide is an effective tooth whitening mixture that anyone can prepare at home. Baking soda acts as a gentle scrub and hydrogen peroxide is a whitening agent. A combination of the two can effectively remove stains and plaque. To make them more effective, simply bind them with toothpaste. This will help them stay on the teeth longer.


Activated Charcoal

Why activated charcoal products for your teeth could do more harm than good | CBC News

Activated carbon has properties that allow it to absorb many types of chemicals, including accumulated dental plaque. Some activated carbon treatments can whiten your teeth.

What You Need

  • Activated carbon powder
  • A toothbrush to apply the powder to your teeth
  • A toothbrush to apply the powder to your teeth.

How to Do?

  • Dip the clean, damp toothbrush into the charcoal powder.
  • Apply the charcoal to your teeth in a gentle circular motion and cover your teeth with the charcoal.
  • Let the powder sit in your mouth for 2 minutes; do not swallow the powder.
  • Spit out the powder and rinse your mouth several times, then brush what’s left with a clean toothbrush.


Rub Orange, Lemon Peels, or Banana

Teeth Hacks You See on Pinterest - Which Ones Are Safe?

Like oil pulling, this remedy is not supported by any scientific research. However, those who have tried it are satisfied with the results. Moreover, it does not involve any harmful chemicals, so why not?  To perform this “trick”, take a banana, orange, or lemon peel and rub it gently on your teeth. Continue to rub it for about 2 minutes, then wash your mouth thoroughly and brush your teeth.

The peels of these fruits contain citric acid, which theoretically helps whiten teeth. If you have sensitivity problems, the chances are that your tooth enamel is weak or worn out. In this case, it is not recommended to use this remedy. If you have already tried it and have dental problems, you should visit your dentist immediately.


Go to the Dentist!

If none of the above remedies seem to work for you and your teeth are becoming increasingly yellowish, it may be time to let a professional like Dandenong Denture Clinic take care of it! Veneers or dental implants may be your choice instead of teeth that are poorly colored and unhealthy.

Veneers are very thin porcelain plates that are permanently mounted on your teeth. Veneers mask your teeth and display an artificial color, shape, or positioning. Veneers are not actually a “teeth whitening” solution, but they can make your smile brighter by masking a synthetic layer on your teeth. If the health and color of your teeth don’t seem repairable, dental implants may be the solution. Dental implants are metal posts designed to hold artificial teeth in place

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