How to Draw the Perfect Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliners are way more advantageous compared to pencils or gel liners. They are usually more heavily pigmented than the others, which helps if you want a dramatic look; it tends to last longer, gives more precise definition, and is the one item to use if you’re going to achieve the perfect cat-eye. Unfortunately, it is not the easiest thing to master. If you’re still struggling with it (don’t worry, we all are), here are some tips and tricks to help you along:

Start with Pencil Eyeliner

If starting straight off the bat with a liquid eyeliner sounds terrifying, then perhaps line your eyes with a pencil liner first. Once done, trace over it with a liquid eyeliner. If your problem is unsteady hands, it might help to rest your elbow on a sturdy surface or to rest your hand against your cheek as you draw.

Shadow Before Eyeliner

Remember this – always apply your eyeshadow (if you’re wearing any) before your eyeliner. This creates a dry base for the eyeliner to adhere to. If you are not planning on wearing any eyeshadow, at least lightly dust a bit of nude or neutral eyeshadow on your eyelids.

The Middle And Dot Rule

It is easier to start your eyeliner from the middle rather than trying to draw a perfectly straight line from either end. Start from the middle, and go towards the outer corner, then start from the inner corner and go towards the center. Or, you can try the connect-the-dots method – line your eye with small-sized dots or thin dashes and then connect them.


This is essential if you want to avoid the dreaded ‘unlined skin’ near your lashline when lining your upper lid. Instead of simply lining across the top of your lash line, hold your skin taut by using one hand to lift the eye slightly while your other hand lines as close to the lash line as possible. Another method is to draw your eyeliner from the underside and slowly filling in your top lashes.

For The Perfect Cat-Eye

Many of us want to master the liquid eyeliner for one specific reason: to achieve the ultimate cat-eye. Admittedly, this is incredibly difficult to do, but having some items on hand can make it easier. The most common would probably be a piece of scotch tape – simply place a small, exact piece of tape diagonally against your lower lash line at an angle you desire, and use it as a guide to creating the perfect flick. Tear off when you’re done.

Besides tape, the edges of a business card or spoon can also be used as a drawing the flick’s guide. If you have nothing on hand and is doing it freehand, it might help to draw a tiny triangle first connecting the top and bottom lash lines, then filling it in and extending it as you wish.

Q-Tips, Concealer, And Others

Of course, we are going to mess up inevitably, and that’s okay. Some items can really help when that happens – Q-tips are a godsend if you need to adjust your line slightly, or maybe if you need to redraw the flick of your cat-eye. Concealer can also help to hide a lousy eyeliner and blend it, so it’s not apparent anymore. In the same way, a skin-colored liner can help to fix minor smudges and also make your line look very sharp.

When Your Eyeliner Screws Up

Sometimes our eyeliner just doesn’t seem to be working – if it’s the case that it looks crumbly (which can happen quite often for liquid eyeliners), chuck it in the freezer for 10 minutes so that it can regain its shape. If it’s too liquidy or heavy during the application, the brush might be too wet – take off some of the product by rubbing it along the back of your hands first. If your eyeliner is nearing its end and is not pigmented anymore, use the product on a mascara’s brush. (to help compensate).

Try Brown Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliners are usually black, but there are quite a few in brown and even some in navy blue. These shades are less harsh and might be more suitable for those just starting with liquid eyeliner, as they are less intimidating. Brown is actually also a universally flattering color and might be the better choice if you’re gunning for a more natural look.

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