The Benefits of Menstrual Cups

Women are known to be smarter, and for those who avoid wasting sanitary pads during the menstrual cycle, the idea has simply disappeared. Most women prefer to live a life with all the waste around them, which is not a better option. Sanitary pads cause tons of waste, and every month this waste increases dramatically, which is bad for the environment. That’s why most women choose to use menstrual cups, which are much better for the environment and for themselves.

If you are not entirely convinced by the use of menstrual cups, here are some advantages that I would like to introduce you to!

1. You will save a lot of money!

One of my favorite reasons for liking menstrual cups is that they save you SO much money every year. Disposable feminine hygiene products are so expensive, whereas menstrual cups are reusable. Using a menstrual cup can save you about $4,000 over your lifetime! Think of all the things you could buy with these savings!

2. You will save the environment!

Think about how many tampons and sanitary napkins you throw away each year. If every woman used a menstrual cup, we would save about 10,000 feminine hygiene products from ending up in our waterways and landfills. It’s unbelievable!

3. It’s so convenient!

With a menstrual cup, you won’t have to worry about running out of tampons and pads. You’ll never have to rush to the stores again! They’re also a convenient size to keep in your purse and take with you when you travel.

4. You can sleep wearing it!

Another fantastic advantage of using a menstrual cup is that you can wear it even while you sleep. You won’t have to think twice before remembering to remove your tampon or use a sanitary napkin! Because you won’t feel any discomfort, you can have a relaxed and restful night’s sleep.

5. You can wear them during exercise!

You can also wear the menstrual shells during exercise. It is the perfect integration into your daily lifestyle. Whether you’re running errands or doing laps, your menstrual cup will stay in place!

6. You won’t leak!

It’s a real lifeline! Because menstrual cups don’t contain wings or strings, you can go about your business without thinking twice about leaks. You’ll never have to worry about wearing white pants during your period again.

7. They are made without harmful substances!

It is not uncommon to find harmful substances such as chlorine and perfume in common feminine hygiene products. They are made of medical grade silicone!

8. There is no string!

Another advantage of using a menstrual cup is that it has no string. There is nothing more uncomfortable or less hygienic than going to the bathroom and accidentally wetting the string of your tampon!

9. They are so easy to use!

It may take a little time to get used to menstrual cups, but they are so easy to use! Turn them into a C or S shape, insert them and make sure they are sealed properly. There you go!

10. Keep your pH

As we know, tampons absorb everything, including your body’s natural secretions. However, a menstrual cup only collects your menstrual flow and does not interfere with the delicate pH and bacterial balance of your vagina.

11. Gender Neutral

Yes, the cups are neutral, and there is no reason to be offended or mistaken! Not all women have periods, and not all women who have periods are women, and there is nothing wrong with that. Using a menstrual cup reduces menstrual problems because it contains more than a tampon and there is nothing to see by looking at your underwear. It can reduce the emotional stress, discomfort and anxiety associated with menstrual reminders.

Menstrual cups are becoming more and more popular, and most people are not aware of this new development. The benefits are unknown, and I hope you can join the movement and become a cupaholic!

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