3 Habits to Eliminate If You Suffer From Acne

Whether you’re suffering from teenage acne or adult acne, the result is the same. You feel embarrassed by your skin, and you may even feel that you look nothing like your normal self. Many people think they know the basics of treating and preventing acne, but there are many bad habits that could secretly be damaging your skin.

Acne Habit #1: Popping Pimples the Wrong Way

As soon as someone notices a pimple, their first thought is how to get rid of it instantly. As a result, they pull and scratch trying to break through the surface and pop the pimple. What most people don’t realize is that their efforts in trying to eliminate the pimple, only makes the problem worse. Their hands inadvertently spread bacteria on their face, and the pressure to pop the pimple either pushes it deeper or simply sets it on fire!

Best Acne Treatment #1: Salicylic Acid Peel

This clinical acne peel uses salicylic acid to reduce skin inflammation, fight surface sebum and eliminate acne-causing bacteria. After a skin analysis, you will undergo a corrective cleansing and a salicylic peel of appropriate strength. Lastly, you will receive a moisturizing sun protection cream.

Acne Bad Habits #2: Using Products That Aggravate Acne

Not all acne cleansing and treatment products are the same and not all have the same skin type. Without a professional dermatological consultation, you run the risk of using the wrong products for your skin type.

Although you may want to eliminate your acne quickly, it is also essential to follow the instructions recommended. For instance, If you wash your face or use your product more often than necessary, you are over-drying your skin. Consequently, this reacts by producing more sebum, which nourishes the acne.

Also, be aware of other non-acne related products that may come into contact with your face. Hair that touches your face will transfer hair products to your skin, which will in turn clog your pores. When buying sunscreen and facial moisturizer, look for products labeled “non-comedogenic”. This simply means that these products will not clog your pores!

Best Acne Treatment #2: Acne Relief Facial

This professional and clinical acne facial allows a double cleansing with a soothing and purifying mask. Finally, cryogenic CO2 therapy is applied, which provides soothing relief and prevents future breakouts.

Bad Acne Habit #3: Touching Your Face

Touching your face is one of the main causes of acne and rashes. While your hands might be clean, your face may not be, and you could spread harmful acne bacteria. In addition, your fingers naturally secrete oil, so touching your face increases the amount of oil, causing pores to become clogged! Even if you don’t touch your face, it’s essential to be aware of anything that can do so!

Your pillowcase is the first victim of acne. It accumulates oil, dead skin and bacteria for eight hours every night, and most people don’t care how often they change their pillowcase. To prevent acne, make sure to wash or change your pillowcase twice a week.

Your smartphone screen is the second biggest offender of acne. It collects oil, food particles and other types of bacteria, which are then immediately transferred to your face when you answer a phone call. Be sure to use antibacterial wipes on your phone to prevent acne flare-ups.

Brushes and makeup applicators are other common sources of acne breakouts because they collect bacteria that are then deliberately spread all over your face. Clean your brushes and makeup tools regularly to keep your skin smooth and rash-free.

Best Acne Treatment #3: Acne Injections

Acne injections are fast-acting treatments. These injections deliver diluted cortisone directly inside your pimple and work quickly to flatten acne and pimples of all sizes.

Try these treatments and let us know whether they worked for you in the comments below!

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