Tips to Help Your Kid When at the Optometrist

I still remember the first time I went to the optometrist and got my eyes checked, I was so nervous as I was told that the doctor would put his finger in my eye and that was and still is cringey! As we all know there is a first time for everything and my first time with the optometrist was quite quick and fearful, fortunately my mother was there. She holding my hands when the doctor was examining my eyes and when I did not know the letters, she was helping me. That was funny though as she was not supposed to help me. My mother didn’t know any tips, so to help the parents, I have some tips to share.

1. Schedule – It is a good idea to schedule your child’s appointment at time when they are well rested and not hungry. Choose the appropriate time to schedule an appointment, considering that the doctor will take around 30 to an hour time to consult your kid.

2. Have your questions – Be ready to ask your questions to the doctor especially if you are not used to having someone wearing specs in your surroundings. It is important that you keep your questions ready so that the doctor can answer them as the consultation goes on.

3. Get something to divert their minds – On the day of the appointment, don’t forget to get something like a familiar toy or book for your child and a snack or drink if necessary. This will help them to divert their minds off things that can make them nervous or anxious.

4. Doctor’s Questions – If you are child is not a toddler, then do prepare them for the questions that you have and tell them to speak freely to the doctor. It is important that the communication between the patient and the doctor is smooth as the doctor will feel more at ease. Don’t worry the questions won’t be that difficult.

5. Possibilities – It may happen that you will have to do some exercises with your kid to understand his/her eye problem. So be prepared to cooperate. The doctor will also do some tests on your kids to know the depth of the problem.

6. Keep the mood light – It is important that you don’t make your child feel stressed or nervous before the eye test. Talk to them and remember your first time when you came to an eye doctor.

7. Schedule your next appointment – Do ask your kid before scheduling your next appointment. It is important as the prescription needs to be corrected annually as children’s eye continue to develop as they grow.

8. After the eye test – Do encourage proper eye care: Help your child develop good eye care habits from a young age. Teach them how to wash their hands often and avoid rubbing their eyes. In addition, wearing protective eyewear when playing sports or swimming can prevent eye emergencies.

Early eye care is important for children. The earlier you start corrective treatments, the more likely your child will be cooperative. If your young child has vision issues, they may be less interested in puzzles, reading and colouring. All of these activities help stimulate minds and encourage learning. You want your children to be as healthy as possible in every way.

If you are planning to go for an eye test with your kid, then I hope these tips helps you in dealing with the ‘first time’. For professional and reliable eye test, Valley Vision is the place to go. Managed by two experienced optometrists, Valley Vision’s doctors are specialised in children’s vision of all age groups. They are open six days a week, you can call for an appointment any day.

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