Is It Wise to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth?

Everyone has once dealt with this pain and have suffered quite a ‘hellish’ period, whatever people may say letting a wisdom tooth grow is one of the most painful things to happen to adult, periods still being the number one. Wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars, are the last teeth to grow in the back of the mouth, they usually appear between the ages of 17 to 25. They are called so as it erupts the person is supposedly wise enough and has gained enough knowledge. Well, that’s only a myth! Some people with health wisdom teeth are still dumb. Anyways, there are people who can’t deal with the pain of growing wisdom teeth, and they tend to get the help of the dentist to have it removed.

It is only because when you get older, the bones in the mouth become harder, thus making them difficult to remove. That’s why some dentist decides to remove the wisdom teeth to prevent problems later one, even if you are not experiencing any of the common symptoms.

For some reason, though, a lot of people have come to fear the idea of wisdom teeth removal. Old stories are saying that this removal is a dreaded experience to go through. There are also old stories saying that your wisdom teeth will give you a lot of toothache troubles. Is there any truth to these stories?

Well, the answer is both a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’. Yes, because your wisdom teeth can give you a lot of toothache troubles and the removal can be quite painful. No, because you can avoid all of these things if you take corrective measures. But what makes these teeth painful anyway?

The answer lies in the location of wisdom teeth. As mentioned earlier, they are located at the very far end of the gums. This means that they are often hard to reach with a toothbrush. As a result, they often do not get a proper cleaning. This is why these teeth are prone to tooth decay. And when tooth decay is present, toothache will soon follow.

In some instances, however, symptoms of wisdom teeth decay such as toothache do not manifest right away. This is why a lot of people discover late that their teeth are already damaged. So what do you do?

You must schedule a regular checkup with your dentist. This way, your dentist can closely monitor the condition of your teeth using proper tools. Also, your dentist may perform cleaning procedures to keep your teeth intact and free of decay.

To save you from future troubles; however, your dentist may suggest extracting a healthy wisdom tooth. This is an option you can take if you do not want to wait for your teeth to show signs of decay until having them removed. Besides, it is almost imminent that these type of teeth will suffer from decay at some time in the future.

If wisdom tooth decay is discovered late, the extraction procedure may become a little painful. This is because the gums beneath the tooth may already be inflamed. Also, pus may already be present. The presence of pus will make anesthesia ineffective.

To prevent pain; however, your dentist may postpone the extraction of the affected wisdom tooth. Instead, he will give you antibiotics to treat the inflammation and pus. When the swelling and pus are already gone, your dentist may proceed to the extraction procedure.

Take note that wisdom teeth removal is a generally more painful procedure than regular teeth extraction. Get your wisdom teeth removed by the finest and reliable dentist at Altona Meadows Dental Clinic. Browse through their website for more details.

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  1. I never knew that your wisdom teeth are prone to decay and can cause health problems in the future. I see many flyers regarding an oral surgeon around town that can get rid of these for their clients. I’ll probably consider seeking out these experts if ever I experience any discomfort.

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