3 Ways to Keep You from Biting Your Nails

Biting your nails is not only painful and uncomfortable, it is also a very difficult habit to break. Most people who bite their nails do not even notice they are doing it until they fingertips are raw, and their cuticles look and feel a mess. But as with other habits, there are ways to stop yourself and learn to keep your nails safe. Nail biting is a bad habit. Besides spoiling your image in the public places, nail biting leads to some health issues. Biting nails sometimes harm your fingers and by the habit, you are allowing some harmful pathogens to enter into your mouth, which may lead some ailments. For safeguarding yourself, you must know how to sop biting your nails. All of these body related habits could occur during times of stress, excitement, boredom, or inactivity. There are several techniques available to stop nibbling your nails including behavior modification and products that are designed to stop your gnawing habit.

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This habit results in nails that are not attractive and can cause the area around the nails to become sore. Once the decision to stop chewing your nails is made, either behavior modification techniques or physical barriers to stop the biting can be used.

Keep Your Nails Short

Long nails are irresistible if you are a nervous nail bitter, and until you have abandoned this particular habit you are better off keeping them short and neat. But short does not mean “super short” either. Give your nails some love and use a nail file to avoid hard edges and keep them looking tidy.

Use Anti-bite Products

There are times when you do not even notice you are biting your nails. Maybe you are distracted or stressed out, and before you know it you have bitten your nails to the finger. There are products that are designed specifically to stop you from biting your nails. And we are not talking about gloves here!

They look and feel similar to a transparent nail polish and are usually applied to your nails every couple of days. Many have ingredients that strengthen and thicken the nails to help them look better. But that is not the reason why they work…

They work by tasting disgusting. Bitter and absolutely disgusting. There is no way you can ignore that, and it makes biting your nails absentmindedly much less satisfying.

Give Yourself an At Home Manicure

If every time you look at your nails you see a salon worthy manicure, you will think twice before nibbling on them and destroying all your hard work. It does not even need to be colorful or attention grabbing! A nude manicure or French tips look just like your nails but better, and both styles are 100% compatible with the most conservative work environments.

If you are not convinced about regular nail polish, consider getting a set of gel or acrylic nails at a salon instead. Acrylic and gel nails are very strong and hard to bite. The only problem you can find is that you may end up replacing biting your nails with picking at your acrylics and peeling them off your nails. This is not a good thing and can really damage your nail.

If you are biting your nails due to stress or nervousness the best way to stop nail biting is eliminating those stress factors. However, that is easier said than done!

Nail biting is a habit that may reflect poorly on you in many social situations. Eating calcium-rich food is recommended as a good way to strengthen your nails. However, if one wants to stop biting nail, one has to put deliberately and forcefully an end to the habit. I believe that this article would help you how to stop biting your nails.

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