Natural Beauty Secrets from Around The World

No matter where you’re from, odds are you occasionally find yourself looking overseas with envy. How do those women in India get their hair so shiny and silky and tame their flyaway? How do those Japanese ladies get their skin so bright? What about those South American women with their luminous complexions? Genetics obviously plays a role in our attributes, but a lot of it comes down to simple beauty secrets which anyone can learn. And odds are if you’re feeling envious, someone else around the globe is looking toward your shores and feeling jealous of what you’ve got.

So read through these healthy beauty secrets from around the globe, organised by region of the world. Then share your own beauty secrets in the comments below!

Brazil: Oatmeal to Heal A Sunburn

You may already know that oats are great for your skin. It’s no wonder; if you’ve ever looked up the nutritional facts on the back of a box of oatmeal, you probably noticed it contains an abundance of minerals and vitamins that your body needs. It turns out that the nutrition that is great for your body as a whole is excellent for your skin too. Brazilians use oats to ease the pain of a sunburn and speed healing. How do you do it? Next time you get a terrible sunburn, tie up some oats in gauze and then position it over the tap for your bathtub. Turn it on and fill the tub, allowing the water to filter through the bag with the oats. Soak in the bath, and you’ll get fast relief from your sunburn. Oats have amazing anti-inflammatory healing properties!

France: Get Rid of Nail Stains The Easy-Breezy Way

Have unsightly stains on your nails? A lot of women in France do their own manicures, and they are experts at dealing with beauty problems like this! It turns out they have the most straightforward solution in the world for nail stains. Just soak your fingers in lemon juice for ten minutes, and most of those stains should go away. It’s swift and easy!

India: Turmeric for Vibrant Skin

Turmeric is used as a spice in a lot of Indian recipes, but it is also used for beauty! Before an Indian wedding, the bride performs the “Haldi” ceremony. This involves applying a turmeric paste to her face and body and washing it off, so her skin will be vibrant. You can make the same paste by mixing a teaspoon of turmeric powder with honey and yoghurt. You want it to get a thick pasty consistency. Put it on your face for fifteen minutes and then wash it off. Don’t worry, your skin won’t turn yellow—but you should see a beautiful glow. Apparently, this can also help you get rid of unwanted facial hair, so this is a really great weapon in your beauty arsenal.

Greece: Try An Egg White Hair Mask

Here’s another quick trick from southern Italy, where the sun is intense and can dry out hair really quickly! Purchase some egg whites, and then whip two egg whites (or more, depending on how long your hair is) so that they get frothy. Apply them to your hair while your hair is wet. Wait ten minutes, shampoo your hair, and rinse it all out. This will really boost the moisture content in your hair!

Morocco: Argan Oil for Just About Everything

Argan oil comes from Morocco, and is a really fantastic product that you can use in so many ways! It is easy for your skin to absorb and has excellent moisturising properties, which makes it a superb lotion or bath oil. You can also use it as a moisturiser. A couple of drops are all you need; it goes a long way. Suffer from dry hair as well as dry skin? Rub a few drops of argan oil into your hair in the morning or at night. You don’t need to wash it out; it is a great substitute for any leave-in conditioner. It will tame flyaway, smooth out your hair, and bring out its silky shine. You’ll find it easier to brush and style. Unlike most leave-in conditioners you can buy, argan oil is 100% natural and healthy!

Russia: Oatmeal Facial Mask

It turns out oats are fabulous for more than just treating sunburns. Women in Russia know that they make great facial masks. The recipe is simple. Just take two tablespoons of oats and soak them in warm water until they turn soft. This usually takes about ten minutes. Once that step is done, you need to add a tablespoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix it up into a paste, and then apply it to your face. Wait for ten minutes and rinse it off. Your face should have a lovely, vibrant glow and feel silky smooth. This is one of the best facial masks you will ever find, and it is so cheap and easy!

The Philippines: Shun The Sun!

Have you ever wondered how the women of Japan and the Far East manage to keep their skin so beautiful and bright? They have several beauty secrets, but one of the simplest and most effective is simply to stay out of the sunlight. In Japan, it is perfectly reasonable to carry around a parasol on sunny days. 

Japanese women also are more likely to cover their arms and legs and wear a hat. Sunbathing may bring a warm coppery glow to your skin, but it does nothing for your complexion! Over time, sunbathing will lead to sun damage—age spots, wrinkles, and dry, leathery skin. If you shun the sun and carry a parasol or umbrella, however, you can keep your skin soft, hydrated, and healthy like the women of Japan.

We hope you enjoyed this selection of incredible beauty secrets from around the world! Want to learn about more ways to embrace your natural beauty? Contact MelSkin today! MelSkin focuses on making you look and feel good with health and beauty therapy. Based in South Yarra, they have developed a unique approach to beauty, focusing on personalised attention that holistically englobes health and beauty.

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