Gel Nail Polish – What about it?

Every girl dreams of having those perfect shiny nails that most stars flaunt. I am one of those girls, and I was looking for those gel nails that does not come off quickly, the ones I can show off to everyone. Well, that’s gel nail polish! Gel nails are similar to nail polish but they are hardened using ultraviolet lights. They are to last longer than regular nail polish. It has to be noticed that nail artists use this kind of manicure to create amazing nail art as well as to perform a cool nail finish.

As you know, all of traditional nail polishes give us wonderful opportunity to demonstrate our beautiful nails. It dries for a long time and it is not very convenient for us. Speaking about the Gel polishes, there are very important differences. For example, there is the special brush, which helps s lot when you need a perfect result. Use it after polish and if you want- you may use the special base coat with using a UV lamp

Something about Gel Nails

It is well-known, that usually nail polishes as well as gel polishes are quite different due to their applications. A normal paint job smells strongly and dries very slowly. A traditional gel polish pass with a special brush. It can be easily removed. It is made possible due to the process of soaking the nails. The main reason for this difference comes from the way of application. The point is that gel polishes pass with some special brushes. Moreover, after putting a layer of polish and the base coat as well, nails are cured with a special lamp (UV).

Some benefits of Nail Polish

There are some benefits that gel nail polish has. It has to be said that traditional nail polishes (for example, so-called chip-resistant or special modern fast-drying formulas) don’t have them.

Quick and comfortable process of drying. Actually, gel polishes get dry just within 3-9 minutes. This happens due to the use of the special professional “curing” lamp (light). It is great because you can put on your favorite shoes just after a process of pedicure! Sometimes it is important. Such a light is really perfect for making gel polish hard without a necessity to burn your skin.

They are versatile. It is true that some skilled and experienced nail art technicians are able to add some length to your nails by using those gel polishes. Nevertheless anyone is able to use them in a more common manner of painting-on.

Application of Polish

It is known that gel polish requires a lot of different steps and products. It also requires the use of special equipment, for instance, the UV lights to cure the nail polish. That is why a lot of women prefer to have this nail polish done at a professional salon. Don’t hesitate, try nice things, be beautiful and cool!

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