Makeup Tips for People Who Wear Glasses

We know that trying to wear makeup and maintaining it when you wear glasses can be quite tough. However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t be wearing any makeup. These few makeup tips and tricks will help you avoid makeup mishaps and look gorgeous with glasses!

1) Use a Tinted Moisturizer

Glasses often leave red marks on the bridge of the nose, ruining your makeup. In this case, a tinted moisturizer can be a total saving grace! Tinted moisturizers help reduce these marks through their skin correcting formula and sheer tint. Now you can take off your glasses at any point without worrying about those red spots. Moreover, they also restore and replenish the skin!

2) Apply a Yellow-Toned Concealer

Frames usually cast shadows under the eye area. To avoid this, opt for concealers with yellow or peach tones. These shades help eliminate purple and dark-blue shadows caused by glasses and counteract the discoloration while brightening the under eyes.

3) Use a Smudge-Proof and Voluminous Mascara

It’s tempting to apply voluminous mascara to have long eyelashes. However, long lashes can be a nuisance, brushing against glasses or the annoying sweep they cause each time you blink. Opt for a smudge-proof and voluminous mascara to prevent these issues. Voluminous mascaras will get your eyelashes thicker and not curlier or longer, hence preventing them from brushing against glasses. On the other hand, a smudge-proof mascara won’t be smeared and transferred to lenses.

4) Enhance Your Eye-Look With Eyeliner

Eyeliner is the go-to product to add definition to the eyes. Nonetheless, getting your eyeliner right can be a challenge for glass wearers. Since glass frames tend to make eyes appear smaller, it’s better to go for a cat-eye winged liner look. The cat-eye look will make eyes appear bigger and elongated, which is perfect for those who wear glasses. Consider the thickness of your frames to adjust the thickness of your eyeliner. If you have thick frames, thick eyeliner will make your eyes pop, whereas thick liners would be too much for thin frames.

5) Stick to Neutral Eye Shadows

Since glasses already make the eyes look heavy, it’s best to use neutral eye shadows than deep and harsh colors. Peach and brown tones can be a great choice. Use the warm hues into and above the crease and finish off with a shimmery illuminator applied on the brow bone and inner corner to open the eyes. Moreover, neutral eye shadows look stunning regardless of your eye color or skin tone!

Follow these few tips, and you’ll be able to make the most of your eye makeup even if you wear glasses!

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