Tips to Increase Hair Volume Naturally

Hair density cannot be increased without proper hair care & routine. Also, including some beneficial ingredients in your daily hair care routine makes sure the follicles, strands, and scalp remain healthy, and the density is retained.

Eat healthily

Turning to all sorts of hair treatment while neglecting one’s diet will not bring any desired outcomes. A balanced diet is, therefore, essential to ensure all the necessary nutrients are added to our body and directed to the hair. Also, drinking plenty of water will eliminate toxins from your body and boost hair growth.

Massage your scalp regularly

Scalp massaging is essential to increase blood circulation for healthy hair roots and a reduction in hair loss.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera brings back your thick, lustrous hair when applied on your scalp and rinsed after one hour.

Egg mask

The protein content of eggs strengthens the hair. Just beat an egg and apply on your hair for 10 minutes.

Fenugreek seeds

Hair loss is be tackled if one desires better hair volume. Fenugreek seed infused oil brings essential nutrients to the scalp. You can also opt to grind soaked fenugreek seeds in water, apply the paste to your hair and wash it after an hour.

Potato juice

Potato juice contains vitamins A, B, and C, which are essential for healthy hair. For better hair volume, extract potato juice and apply it on the scalp. Rinse after 15 minutes.

Amla products

Amla oil, when applied to the hair scalp, boosts blood circulation. It increases hair growth since the hair follicles are better nourished. Amla oil also reduces dandruff from the scalp, as well as regulating pH and oil production of the sebaceous glands.

Hibiscus flower

Hibiscus flower prevents premature aging and improves the thickness of the hair. Mix coconut or sesame oil with hibiscus flower paste and apply to the hair, rinse with a mild shampoo after 15 minutes.

Hair drying

When blow-drying your hair, avoid setting your hairdryer on hot. Hot air damages and dries out the hair. Always select medium heat and speed of air from your hairdryer. Direct airflow from the ends to the hair roots. For extra oomph, hold individual sections of your hair up in the air and direct airflow down towards the roots to add volume.

Trim and oil your hair

Oil your hair with vegetable oil (e.g., olive oil) at least three times a week, followed by a shampoo. Make sure to get your ends trimmed once in 4 to 6 weeks to avoid split ends and damage. Last but not least, avoid making a tight ponytail as too much stress and strain on your scalp will affect your hair growth and density.

To conclude, healthy and voluminous hair do not necessarily mean resorting to costly cosmetics. Make use of the natural house remedies available right in the kitchen’s pantry.

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