How to Maintain a Bob Hair Cut?

The bob cut is a short and chic hairdo that floats above the shoulders. This chin-length or collarbone hairstyle has a long history of shaking up the status quo. It’s no coincidence that elegant women like Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes are associated with it. Once the cut is done, maintaining the look is easy. Here are 3 simple ways to keep a bob cut:

1. Avoid Washing Your Hair Daily

Unless your hairstyling routine includes a lot of products, washing the hair every day isn’t necessary. Excessive hair wash will steal hair moisture. Wash and dry the hair as required, usually three to four times a week. In this way, the natural oils released will give the hair a healthy shine. You can also apply dry shampoo to add volume without shampooing. Dry shampoo is ideal for color-treated bobs as well since it prevents the color from fading.

2. Use a Ceramic Flat Iron for Hairstyling

It is better to straighten the hair using a ceramic flat iron since these are known for their infrared heating, which smoothly warms the hair without damaging it. A ceramic hair iron retains hair moisture leaving a hydrated and nourished appearance without any curly hair strands. Make sure to apply a heat protector serum or spray before straightening to protect the hair from ultraviolet rays.

3. Maintain the Shape

Going to the hair salon every three weeks might sound extravagant. However, shorter hairstyles, especially bob ones, require frequent trims to keep it precise and stylish. This is also essential since hair grows about half an inch each month. But if you’re more laid back towards your look, then this can be stretched to four to seven weeks.

4. Choose a Bristle Brush

Hairstyling products won’t do much good unless you also invest in proper essential tools. The most important among these is to have a good brush. Bristles are perfect for gripping hair strands to obtain a sleeker hairstyle, particularly to smooth out wavy or curly hair. Other brushes, including plastic or metal, can often tangle hair around the barrel, which can be frustrating.

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