When to See a Podiatrist?

Podiatrists are doctors who specialise in diagnosing and treating specific foot conditions. So if you any pain in your feet, then this is your cue to go to the doctor. If you are likely to have a continuous pain that is interfering when you are walking or touching your feet, then you should go to a podiatrist. Are you confused when to go exactly? Well, below are some points when you need to go.

  • When you are struggling to cut your toenails – If your toenails are too thick or difficult to reach, then a podiatrist can take care of that. They will cut your toenails professionally and make sure that it is filed and moisturised.
  • When you need advice on footwear – Podiatrists offer you information on the best types of shoes to wear for your feet. Whether you are suffering from foot pain, a podiatrist can help you out.
  • When you have unexplained foot pain – Foot doctors are trained medically to diagnose the issues and conditions that concern your feet, so if you feel an unusual pain in your foot, ankle or lower limb, do contact a podiatrist. They will have a biomechanical assessment to help diagnose the issue and then advise you on the best treatment.
  • When you have ingrown toenails – One of the most common problems as to why people rush to the doctor. A podiatrist will take care of your nail and cure any pain you might be feeling. Surgeries can be performed under local anaesthetic and have an excellent success rate that it won’t be back.
  • When you suffer from corns/calluses – Corns and calluses are quite painful, so it is essential to see a foot doctor before they get too bad.
  • When you have a verruca – These can be a big nuisance as they are difficult to get rid. Verrucae can be extremely painful. The treatment can include a cryotherapy, caustics or verruca needling.
  • When you have plantar fasciitis – This is a painful condition which affects the feet. There are diagnosis and treatment available for this.
  • When you have fungal toenails – If you happen to have a toenail that is thick, yellow and brittle, then go to a podiatrist. He/She will diagnose officially and treat the condition while giving you advice on looking after your feet.
  • When you have flat feet or bunions – A foot doctor will instantly tell you if you have flat feet or bunions and will offer treatment to make your feet more comfortable.

My Podiatrist treats all their patients as individuals and enjoy treating their feet. If you have any worries at all about your feet, book an appointment with your local podiatrist today and if you’re in Melbourne, schedule an appointment.

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