Essential Oils Ideal For Summer Skin

Ahh, summer – the fun-filled time of year marked by activities under the warm sun. Aside from everything we love about summer, though, it can also be filled with unwanted sunburns, bug bites, and travel stress. Having the right essential oils on hand can help you overcome any of those not-so-glamorous parts of summer. Essential oils are saviors when it comes to skin related issues. So before you head off for your ultimate summer vacation, do consider incorporating some essential oils in your skincare routine. These will help prevent recurring problems of sunburn and other summer-related problems happen. I give you four essential oils that are the most-used products for summers.

  • Lavender – Summers mean relaxation time and the lavender essential oil is the perfect match when it comes to relaxation! It is great for soothing a cut, scar, or dry skin. This all-purpose oil can also be used as an anti-anxiety aid, muscle relaxer, pain reliever, an antibacterial oil for burns, and a topical treatment for dry skin. Lavender can help you fall asleep and it can speed up the healing process of severe sunburn! However, you should not apply lavender to the skin before going out into the sun because it makes your skin photosensitive. Enriching carrier oils such as coconut oil, cocoa butter, and Aloe Vera gel are wonderful when combined with sandalwood and lavender. It is also useful to know that lavender reduces the negative effects of sweating!
  • Sandalwood – Something that you would find in any Indian household, sandalwood has a different aroma that makes it apart from all other essential oils. Sandalwood is known for its cooling properties; its powder is used to soothe acne and reduce skin redness. Sandalwood essential oil is no different, it soothes sun burnt skin as well as reduces puffiness. The essential oil has an earthy and fresh scent that has a cooling effect on inflamed skin that is caused by heat and sweating. You can add sandalwood essential oil to any of your favorite moisturizers. It will both help balance the sweat and moisture on your skin thus preventing that sticky feeling that is normally associated with the season.
  • Lemon – Well other than sipping on lemonade or adding zests to salads, lemon has a greater use. Lemon essential oil is beneficial as it prevents fluid retention and has cooling and antiseptic properties. It can be used both for skin purposes and in food.
  • Tea Tree – One of the best herbal remedies to have on hand during the summer for emergencies, tea-tree is a must-have for summers. It makes a great all-around aid to put on the skin, including cuts and scrapes. Tea tree oil helps soothe mosquito bites, uncomfortable itchiness, and redness. You can use tea tree oil in different situations. From acne to greasy and oily hair, you can rely on tea-tree oil!

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