Everything You Need To Know About Face Powders

Face powder is used to make the skin more even and matte. Most finely ground powders consist of talc (absorbs skin sebum), mineral pigments (gives the powder its color), small kaolin (covers blemishes), titanium dioxide (prevents sunburn), mica (gives the skin a sheen), and magnesium carbonate (a white chalk-like substance that is mixed in). This is only a very limited list of ingredients. Otherwise, many more ingredients are added, especially for those with pearl and silk extracts.

More and more light-colored finishing powders are also available these days, which can help correct your skin tone a bit. For example, light green or light yellow powders can make red skin look less red, melancholic/gray skin can be significantly improved with pink powders, and white powders can give the skin a glow.

Why Do You Need To Use Face Powder?

Powder has several favorable properties: it gives the skin a soft, even glow, it reduces the appearance of pores, and it prevents the skin from looking oily. It also makes your foundation last longer and prevents make-up from wearing off in hot weather.

The Most Common Types of Powders

Compact Powder

Compact powders give a matte finish to the skin and help the foundation stay put and last longer. Compact powders are easy to carry in your handbag and are perfect for make-up on the go. You just have to apply it using a powder brush or puff.

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Matte Powder or Sheer Powder

A matte powder will give you an airbrush-like finish, while a sheer powder will give you a youthful glow. Make sure to consider your skin type when choosing a powder.

Loose Powder

Loose powder is much lighter than compact powder. To apply it, you will need a large, soft powder brush. First, use a very light mist to your face, and then dust off the excess powder to get a fine, natural finish. Loose powders are suitable for everyday use but require a little more care in application and are not as convenient to carry with you on the go.

How To Use Powders?

Powder is unnecessary, but it can give a soft-focus effect to your make-up and make a slightly overly shiny foundation look a little more matte. You can use it on clean skin that has been protected with a day cream, or you can apply the powder after applying foundation or concealer, but before applying bronzer, blush or highlighter.

Powder should be applied with a powder brush. This is usually the largest make-up brush in the range with relatively long bristles, airy yet packed with enough bristles to provide medium coverage.

You can also use a sponge or puff to apply powder if you do not feel like using a brush. They can gently apply the product to the face and are easy to use; however, they only concentrate the powder in one area.

Choosing a Powder Color

Choose a shade that is close to your skin tone. Test the color with your foundation by applying a small amount of powder to your jawline. Take your time to test it out. The face powder must match your complexion well.

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What Else Should You Pay Attention To When Applying Powders?

Use powder in moderation, preferably only where you think it is necessary. Since this is a light formula, apply powder lightly and blend it into the skin, preferably using a large, long-bristle powder brush to avoid a cakey finish.

If you want a little more coverage, use a powder puff but make sure to apply it evenly on face area. You can also use a good foundation or concealer (or a combination of two) underneath for better coverage.  Powders provide light to medium coverage, and if you want full coverage on your skin, choose a foundation or concealer (or a combination of the two).

What type of face powder do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

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